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  1. zzazzenn commented on Michael Ramirez 20 days ago

    No one will read this far down into the comments but:

    If corporations would actually pay a living wage, perhaps more people would not need government assistance to get by. WalMart pays so many of its employees a wage low enough that these hard workers qualify for food stamps & public housing that these services amount to a government subsidy of WalMart’s large profit margins.

    If you’re angry that your tax dollars go to food stamps for the working poor, then why aren’t you angry that your tax dollars go into WalMart’s sizeable profits?

  2. zzazzenn commented on Tom Toles 20 days ago

    Here’s my question: If a deflated game ball makes it easier to throw and to catch and to grip, doesn’t that equally benefit BOTH teams in a game?

  3. zzazzenn commented on Michael Ramirez about 1 month ago

    The water is gone now. It takes decades to build new reservoirs…

  4. zzazzenn commented on Glenn McCoy 3 months ago

    That’s actually pretty funny. Stupid, yes, but funny

  5. zzazzenn commented on Chan Lowe 4 months ago

    @coraryan… Weather is not climate. Predicting changes in the climate is not the same as saying what the weather will be like on February 15th, 2035. What we know is that the global average temperature is rising, and has been for decades, correspondent with the increasing concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere with the rise of industrialization. What we can model and estimate is what that temperature rise will result in after twenty years. And, yes, weather is less predictable. Thus with rising global average temperatures, the east coast has been having crippling winter cold the past couple years. Extreme weather of all sorts is to be expected, but as the temperature rises, and the sea temperatures rise, in particular, we can expect the climate to become further unstable. Some regions will become less habitable. Some might, surprisingly, become more habitable. What is certain is change, and that change is happening on a time scale far shorter, far faster than any significant climate change that we can discern prior to the industrial revolution.

  6. zzazzenn commented on Glenn McCoy 5 months ago

    Great how McCoy loves to bash France and everything French (even depicting Obama as French in one cartoon), but now, suddenly, France is the bastion of freedom loving peoples… which is it?

  7. zzazzenn commented on Glenn McCoy 6 months ago

    Interesting how the people who say “he shouldn’t have resisted arrest” are usually the same people who think we should all own guns to protect ourselves from our government…

  8. zzazzenn commented on Henry Payne 6 months ago

    And the system we had before Obamacare was any less profitable to the Insurance companies? Ha!

    Single Payer Now

  9. zzazzenn commented on Glenn McCoy 6 months ago

    Once again, unaware of the difference between weather and climate. The global average temperature for 2014 is still the highest ever measured.

  10. zzazzenn commented on Darrin Bell 8 months ago

    Extremely poor taste.