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  1. lightartsteacher commented on Calvin and Hobbes almost 7 years ago

    Well, really, some of the most annoying students I’ve had, made great adults later. It is a shame that what makes really bright sucessful adults, often makes children the most troublesome. I tried to make allowances for that when teaching! :)

  2. lightartsteacher commented on Chuck Asay almost 7 years ago

    I guess you all have enough time on your hands to watch plenty of movies: look at the “spy” ones. Our “spies” gather intelligence, as best that they are able, and pass it to our government. If we are so gullible that we stop doing this, and rely only on what is proven, we may be too late to stop large disasters. ex: 9-11. So, Mr. Bush got eroneous or incorrect info. I personally apologize to you morons for that. Why don’t you elist in the armed services, and offer your own help in gathering intelligence? Then, I am sure, it will be accurate. This is directed to droutma , ezdeb, and any others who are of like minds. Spend a little time on a mountain in the cold air in Afghanistan, trying to help your buddies down in the valley get the goods on the villains they are chasing. Or, work two jobs in Iraq, and not have enough time to leave to go to the mess hall, because you don’t have a replacement. All the while, remember: you may be blown to bits by a faithful follower of the god Allah.

  3. lightartsteacher commented on Ben Sargent almost 7 years ago

    As long as we have the right of free speech and the right to congregate in America, we can oppose any and all mandates by the government. anthony 2816, I live in San Angelo Texas, where we had a “Tea Party” and the people there were just ordinary hard working old cowboys and cowgirls and their grandparents. Not Mobs! I beg your pardon! Don’t make up a lot of silly stuff.! We can’t afford all this nonsense, and neither can you. Mark my words, we’ll all end in the poor house. Some of us are half way there already.

  4. lightartsteacher commented on Lalo Alcaraz almost 7 years ago

    Well, if she’s liberal enough, I’m sure she’ll go far. That’s all that is going on right now, spend, spend., and no end in sight.

  5. lightartsteacher commented on Michael Ramirez almost 7 years ago

    Tax and Spend Liberal, BIG BIG BIG GOVERNMENT.

  6. lightartsteacher commented on Calvin and Hobbes almost 7 years ago

    Hey fermiproblem, you made me feel better. If even a supermom,(which I wasn’t) could get numb from the antics of Calvin, then maybe it was ok if I literally puked my guts up from the antics of not one, but get this…. tada! Three of him!

  7. lightartsteacher commented on State of the Union almost 7 years ago

    I like this cartoon. Too bad it isn’t literal. Then Mr. O. might fall on top of all his supporters, and squash them flat.

  8. lightartsteacher commented on Clay Jones almost 7 years ago

    ParkerintheHouse, How kind of you to care that the nation isn’t healed enough to look at torture photos of our enemies. I’m glad we don’t have torture photos of the men that Al Qaida kidnapped and killed, too. After, all some of us are mothers of military men, me included. The families of those dead men and women, will thank you democrats for not allowing their loved ones to be viewed like butchers’ meat, after standing in the gap between you and those who would visit violence on you and others here. The nation as a whole is your first concern, what about the families of the dead? What about the dead themselves? Do you owe them anything? Like: Gratitude?

  9. lightartsteacher commented on Clay Jones almost 7 years ago


  10. lightartsteacher commented on Clay Jones almost 7 years ago