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  1. wg456789 commented on Luann about 4 years ago

    It’ll be the guy that lives with Brad-—what’s his name.

  2. wg456789 commented on Luann over 4 years ago

    Hmm, seems like BS from the franchiser that enslaves me. Maybe I’ll get some pointers from TJ.

  3. wg456789 commented on Luann over 5 years ago

    As soon as Brad operates the deep fryer. He’s then accused of arson and jailed

  4. wg456789 commented on Bound and Gagged almost 6 years ago

    Hey, he’s changing the cooling oil on the CPU. Every 5000 clock cycles, you know….

  5. wg456789 commented on Tony Auth over 6 years ago

    Unfortunately, that’s what the AZ laws (SB1070 and the employer sanctions laws before the Supreme Court) are about. These laws have been on the federal books since the amnesty in the Reagan presidency and completely unenforced.

    I wish Mexico would get its economic house in order so it would be a desirable place to live and work for its people; and not just American expatriates that find it cheaper to retire in the resort cities than it is to live at home.

    I thought improving the economies was one of the goals of NAFTA. Until the situation does improve, nothing will cease the exodus of people seeking a better life.