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  1. MILDOG172 commented on Chuckle Bros over 6 years ago

    Shouldn’t fluffy be on a leash?

  2. MILDOG172 commented on Frank & Ernest over 6 years ago

    What was the real “worst global disaster”?

  3. MILDOG172 commented on Speed Bump over 6 years ago

    I once fired a kid for improper dress. He didn’t even work for me. When his boss approched me to complain I fired him too. I had his entire crew removed for saftey reasons. Don’t mess with the Ironworkers…you’ll lose.

  4. MILDOG172 commented on Tom Toles over 6 years ago

    Minerals of mass destruction!

  5. MILDOG172 commented on Birdbrains over 6 years ago

    Now I understand where we get pickled eggs.

  6. MILDOG172 commented on Close to Home over 6 years ago

    Be sure to tell your doctor the a 30 second commercial trumps his/her eight + years of education and you will sue if you don’t a script…

  7. MILDOG172 commented on Cornered over 6 years ago

    Dead but still voting in three different states.

  8. MILDOG172 commented on Glenn McCoy over 6 years ago

    Be careful Mr. Obama. You know what happened to the last guy caught walking on water… And while you are there, how about turning the gulf to wine? Of course all the wild life will die, but think of the party!

  9. MILDOG172 commented on Strange Brew over 6 years ago

    What about Ken Perry?

  10. MILDOG172 commented on Ted Rall over 6 years ago

    OK. And how many had parents that loved them?