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  1. dsom8 commented on Shirley and Son Classics 3 days ago

    Ah, summertime. As Calvin said, “The days are just packed!”

  2. dsom8 commented on The Flying McCoys 3 days ago

    Depends. ;) Or the reason has passed, so to speak.

  3. dsom8 commented on Rubes 7 days ago

    This explains a lot.

  4. dsom8 commented on Loose Parts 9 days ago

    I’m hearing of more and more open office arrangements. The cubicle is dying. (Finally!)

  5. dsom8 commented on Loose Parts 10 days ago

    Uh. Your other right.

  6. dsom8 commented on Rubes 15 days ago

    This actually is not funny. Laughing at cruelty is not a good thing. I’m disappointed, Leigh.

  7. dsom8 commented on Looks Good on Paper 23 days ago

    Doesn’t look good on screen.

  8. dsom8 commented on Loose Parts 24 days ago

    Of course you can take it with you. A check will easily fit in the coffin.

  9. dsom8 commented on Brewster Rockit 24 days ago

    Excellent sarcasm!

  10. dsom8 commented on Speed Bump 24 days ago

    If Twitter users are Twits, Go-Comics posters might be Gokes. Welcome to the club!