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  1. boxbabies commented on Rose is Rose 3 days ago

    One of my grandma’s favorite stories involved a wooden seesaw, my mom (her daughter-in-law from Germany) and a pair of tweezers.

  2. boxbabies commented on Dog Eat Doug 3 months ago

    One of our cats has been known to tumble across the floor at high velocity on occasion. He’s got a condition that makes him itch and twitch sometimes and if it kicks in when he is racing with his brothers he will forget to stop before he tries to scratch.

  3. boxbabies commented on Rose is Rose 3 months ago

    A few days ago a starling decided to tease one of our cats through the glass slider door. Goofy bird was hopping around on the top step inches from our chubby manx and the poor cat had a total fit trying to dig through that glass. The bird looked like it was enjoying itself immensely.

  4. boxbabies commented on Dog Eat Doug 5 months ago

    @Steven Young
    So he can hold his breath. That’s gotta smell worse than blackened popcorn.

  5. boxbabies commented on Rose is Rose 6 months ago

    We had a Shelty when I was growing up. Goofy dog loved Mom’s stew but when he was done there would be a little pile of onions, a little pile of peas, a little pile of carrots, etc. But not a single smear or drip of the gravy and no pile touched another.

  6. boxbabies commented on Dog Eat Doug 7 months ago

    I opened a can of pineapple chunks this morning and our 6 cats did a version of this scene. Then 5 of them got offended when I let them sniff the can and the goofy manx-mix wanted some.

  7. boxbabies commented on Dog Eat Doug 8 months ago

    My family had a German Shepard when a was (very) young. His tail was used for drumming on walls and floors, clearing all tail-height flat surfaces and knocking me over. I named him Bam-Bam.

  8. boxbabies commented on Red and Rover 9 months ago

    We had a dingo/heeler mix that believed all squeaky toys existed for the sole purpose of total annihilation. The quicker he “kill” the squeak, the prouder he was.

  9. boxbabies commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 11 months ago

    Who needs white noise when you’ve got cats to purr you to sleep. Very pleasant and relaxing. Unless Dusty gets too content and starts squeak-purring really loud. Or Tink decides that my ear needs a midnight grooming.

  10. boxbabies commented on Red and Rover 12 months ago

    In my experience, the dogs never tried to get up on the table and attack the pen, or use it for a chin scratcher, or lay on the paper, etc. Plus, I ’ve never had a dog land in the middle of my keyboard and send off crazy emails to my parents or delete the last two paragraphs of a school paper. Fortunately, my online teachers and fellow students found the occasional jibberish sent during chat classes amusing.