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  1. macsj commented on For Heaven's Sake almost 4 years ago

    Maybe not that passage, but “my way or the highway” or rather “Heaven or Hell” is the gist of the book.

  2. macsj commented on Over the Hedge almost 4 years ago

    It’s a comic people! Get over it.

  3. macsj commented on Café con Leche almost 4 years ago

    Santa is seen as what a child wants to see. A little role play would help the man’s anger problems. It’s hard to be a bad Santa. I suggest more people try it, it might change an outlook.

  4. macsj commented on Birdbrains almost 4 years ago

    King A & the Holy Grail…The King rode no horse but rather had his man make “clip, clop” sounds with coconut halves. Where did they get a coconut? This is an answer and pun.

  5. macsj commented on Little Dog Lost over 5 years ago

    Puffins were once declared to be “fish” in order to circumvent Lent.

  6. macsj commented on The Quigmans about 6 years ago

    This actually happened.