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  1. TIM666XXX commented on WuMo about 20 hours ago

    I wonder where Ruth is?

  2. TIM666XXX commented on Tim Eagan about 20 hours ago

    Single payer health care is European-style Socialism which is a close relative of Godless Communism. This is America, gosh darn it! If you can’t pay your bills and Jesus won’t heal you then you should do the patriotic thing and, peacefully, die.

    Note: The above message should be read in a Hank Hill voice.

  3. TIM666XXX commented on WuMo 3 days ago

    Who said they are not?

  4. TIM666XXX commented on Rudy Park 3 days ago

    Science should just throw in the towel and rename it Yourbutthole.

  5. TIM666XXX commented on The Wandering Melon 4 days ago

    I live in California as well. While lamb is easy to find, mutton (mature sheep meat) is not. I have not seen it in a grocery store in 20 years. It probably goes into high-end pet foods now

  6. TIM666XXX commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 8 days ago

    But if you eat the cereal before it gets soggy, it cuts the roof of your mouth.

  7. TIM666XXX commented on The Flying McCoys 8 days ago

    If vegetarians only eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?

  8. TIM666XXX commented on Rudy Park 11 days ago

    Yeah, among convicted rapists in the locker room of a penitentiary.

  9. TIM666XXX commented on Barney & Clyde 13 days ago

    I made one mistake. It was the one time I thought I was wrong.

  10. TIM666XXX commented on Pickles 16 days ago

    People, people who eat people, are the hungriest people in the wor-rllldd.