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  1. wallylm commented on Dick Tracy 19 days ago

    Follow up from my comment yesterday about Dick Tracy Hall of Fame member, Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan. Here’s the clip from last night’s 22 Minutes show that goes from the comics convention to the airfield where he gets the original Joe Staton drawing of Sajjan at the end (after he jumps from a plane). http://www.cbc.ca/22minutes/videos/clips-season-24/canadian-superheroes

  2. wallylm commented on Dick Tracy 20 days ago

    Remember when Canada’s Defense Minister was featured on the Dick Tracy Hall of Fame? Minister Harjit Sajjan was presented an original of that Sunday strip signed by Joe Staton on This Hour has 22 Minutes, a Canadian news comedy TV show tonight (Sajjan also jumped out an airplane with his “superhero” troops in that segment) http://www.gocomics.com/dicktracy/2016/02/14.

  3. wallylm commented on Tank McNamara 5 months ago

    Just watched the Barkley Marathons documentary. >100 miles, equivalent of going up & down Everest …twice. Surprised she didn’t mention that!

  4. wallylm commented on Non Sequitur 7 months ago

    To rephrase Colin Mochrie, “Dog survives being eaten by running until he was all pooped out”.

  5. wallylm commented on Dilbert Classics 7 months ago

    “Dilbert” is actually 5/7ths “Dogbert”, but then again, human DNA is only a few percentage points different than a chimpanzee if I recall correctly, so it makes a big diff? :-b

  6. wallylm commented on Dick Tracy 8 months ago

    Glad to hear the Canadians on this Board happy with Mr. Sajjan’s work so far. Guess there wasn’t enough space in the Hall of Fame panel to mention he had to get elected as a Member of Parliament representing Vancouver South before his Minister of National Defense selection. My neighborhood!

  7. wallylm commented on Tank McNamara 8 months ago

    Initially thought this was going to be about the slam dunk contest. Just saw the highlights, but if you’re gonna dunk like LaVine and Gordon did tonight, not gonna worry much about the steps!

  8. wallylm commented on Dick Tracy 9 months ago

    Sure Tracy’s happy to get a chance to work with Wunbrow & Ivanov, but funny how Staton threw in a reminder in the last panel that it’s snowing in the city (Tracy won’t miss it?)!

  9. wallylm commented on Dick Tracy 9 months ago

    I look at that last panel and I’m thinking Samuel L Jackson in Goodfellas. I’m guessing Mr. Bribery will be making a call to Joe Pesci soon.

  10. wallylm commented on Bloom County 2016 10 months ago

    Note what the Mom said in the 4th panel. What Gocomics posts here was posted on Breathed’s Facebook page a week ago. And Happy 2016 everyone!