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  1. klipt8 commented on Get Fuzzy almost 4 years ago

    Actually he is wrong. It would be “Sir Stephen or sir Stepehn King”.

  2. klipt8 commented on Jeff Danziger almost 4 years ago

    No doubt this a punishment from god for re-electing Obama

  3. klipt8 commented on Real Life Adventures almost 4 years ago

    From one of Terry Pratchett’s books, there is a scene where someone says “we put all our politicians in jail as soon as they are elected. We find it saves so much time.”

  4. klipt8 commented on Lio about 4 years ago

    I have often like that was happening to me.

  5. klipt8 commented on Lio over 4 years ago

    You mean to say that they still have a vhs player?

  6. klipt8 commented on Non Sequitur over 4 years ago

    Looks like fun to me.

  7. klipt8 commented on Yenny Lopez almost 5 years ago

    At the risk of being a male pig, tht is supposed to be a dress?

  8. klipt8 commented on Yenny Lopez about 5 years ago

    I know I am an anal retentive git, but it should be “getting too old”.
    The expressin on her face is great.

  9. klipt8 commented on Get Fuzzy about 5 years ago

    Dear god, NO!!!

  10. klipt8 commented on Yenny Lopez about 5 years ago

    That cats cold nose should have sent Yenny through the roof.