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  1. cartoonhottie2009 commented on One Big Happy almost 4 years ago

    What the- What kind of horrible mother tells their children that animals don’t have souls, or that they don’t go to heaven?! Of course animals have souls, more then most people I know! What do you plan to tell her when her pet dies? ‘Sorry honey, your dog will just rot in the ground while you get to go to heaven.’ Seriously.

  2. cartoonhottie2009 commented on Momma over 4 years ago

    And you’re a very good mother, all nagging, rudeness to your daughter-in-law, over-bearingness, closemindedness, and inability to let others be happy considered.

  3. cartoonhottie2009 commented on Pooch Cafe over 4 years ago

    Anyone else think we’re going to see Poncho’s brother that was adopted by the amish soon?