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  1. nospam4me commented on Adam@Home over 5 years ago

    Couldn’t have been as bad as any Michael Moore movie!

  2. nospam4me commented on Clay Jones almost 6 years ago

    Ship the anchor baby back postage due, along with his criminal parents. Come here LEGALLY and I don’t care hispanic, asian, white, black, etc. Come here ILLEGALLY and you should be dropped from thirty thou, sans parachute, back into your third-world village.

  3. nospam4me commented on Michael Ramirez about 6 years ago

    Lob bunkerbusters into the heart of Mecca & Medina then build churches, synagogues, pork stores, liquor stores & strip clubs where their mosques once stood. As a sign of bridge building of course.

  4. nospam4me commented on Ken Catalino over 6 years ago

    States should next respect the US Constitution as written and tell the racists Chairman Maobama and Eric Holder they will not enforce federal gun control laws because they infringe the Second Amendment, nor will they assist the feds in any gun case prosecutions. Much like racist Philly mayor Nutter (appropriate name for him) wants Philly to be a sanctuary city for illegals and not assist the feds with immigration law enforcement there. Arizona ranchers that shoot illegals should be considered as taking out the trash and not turned over to the feds.

  5. nospam4me commented on Chip Bok over 6 years ago

    NASA now means “National Arab Sensitivity Association” thanks to the racist Obama regime.

  6. nospam4me commented on Michael Ramirez over 6 years ago

    The Obamessiah just used the Constitution for rolling papers.

  7. nospam4me commented on Bob Gorrell over 6 years ago

    ^Howgozit, the Obamessiah practices Jesse Ventura’s old motto in the WWF, “Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat!”

  8. nospam4me commented on Ken Catalino over 6 years ago

    ^ANandy, not being a worshiper of the public school indoctrination system and their corrupt teacher unions. I hope they and Randi Weingarten also deal responsibly with their problem.


  9. nospam4me commented on Chip Bok over 6 years ago

    Funny how the thugocracy party led by a racist believer in black liberation theology that sat in a black racist preacher’s church for 20 years of attacking “typical white people”, a “leader” that appoints like-minded black racists including Van Jones and Eric Holder, is crying racist.

    A Republican wins the Senate seat perpetually held by a murdering liberal in Taxachussetts,and the devilcrats are still in full ostrich mode.

  10. nospam4me commented on Steve Benson over 6 years ago

    A late term abortion should have been performed instead.