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  1. danshen commented on Kliban about 1 month ago

    He does look like he might be brother to Rob Wilco from “Get Fuzzy”.

  2. danshen commented on Little Nemo about 1 month ago

    Philosophical and haunting. The beasts all look quite forlorn. I wonder what McKay thinks of zoos.

  3. danshen commented on Little Nemo 3 months ago

    I think aether was the dominant theory at the time. The idea of space filled with air went out around the time of Descartes. At least among scientists. Even in popular fiction, Jules Verne has space full of aether in 1865.

  4. danshen commented on Lay Lines 4 months ago

    @nwdryad I think it’s that the virus passes through the spit, then guy #2 has the Midas touch, but he’s touching his face, so turns himself into gold. Does that make sense?

  5. danshen commented on Basic Instructions 4 months ago

    @Kenneth Books No, he’s a poly-game-ist.

  6. danshen commented on Goats 5 months ago

    Wow, Bob, wow.

  7. danshen commented on Non Sequitur 5 months ago

    I wouldn’t exactly say that science is “right”, just progressively less wrong.

  8. danshen commented on Get Fuzzy 5 months ago

    Texas and Quebec could compare notes on secession.

  9. danshen commented on Brewster Rockit 6 months ago

    As Chico says, “Ahh, Everybody knows dere ain’t no sanity clause.”

  10. danshen commented on The Quixote Syndrome 7 months ago

    Sadly, according to Andre (via Wikipedia), they mostly talked about cricket. This is much better.