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  1. castingfool commented on Endtown 9 months ago

    Second panel, that looks like a human Holly.

  2. castingfool commented on Endtown over 1 year ago

    If it was the Swanson stuff, it’s very good. Just bought some yesterday. Literally tastes just like my mother use to make.

  3. castingfool commented on Endtown almost 2 years ago

    What was in that open pouch on her belt?

  4. castingfool commented on Endtown about 2 years ago

    Rocket, rocket, rocket. I still think that AM will give Flask an opportunity to stop the rocket. She’s apparently already dead, so it wouldn’t make much difference to her personally, but it would help out Endtown. Should be interesting this week…

  5. castingfool commented on Endtown about 2 years ago

    I think that it’s a tear for Flask.

    Remember the rocket carrying the satellite?

    When AM opens a portal, people go places, usually not to their deaths.

    It was Flask’s “suicide mission”, so I’m guessing that the portal that Flask fell through led to the rocket, giving her the opportunity to carry out her mission. Flask was ready to kill her own fellows in order to carry out the mission.

    Maybe AM simply gave her the chance to do that without the needless deaths of the others (and himself.)

    If I’m right, I wonder if Flask will have any regrets, like maybe Petey…

  6. castingfool commented on Endtown about 2 years ago

    You can see what appears to be her shadow on the “cloud” below the ship in the second panel, but in the third panel she’s hitting something above or before the shadow (in the mini-panel.) I wonder if Wally gets to be captain, and if that was what AM was shooting for all along?

  7. castingfool commented on Endtown over 2 years ago

    Weird looking bindings, too. Can’t tell if it’s a mirror effect or just a really strange way to bind books.

  8. castingfool commented on Endtown over 2 years ago

    I wonder if Flask is the teacher? Maybe somehow she survived long enough to be transformed by the radiation, and her hatred of the topsiders is because her family was wiped out by the soldiers. Still wondering who Petey was before they put him in a can…

  9. castingfool commented on Endtown over 2 years ago

    I wonder if Wally and Flask end up unconscious somehow during this raid and the “rebels” set off some sort of Amesworth Radiation producing device. Or maybe, they’re working on research on the radiation, and a sample is released during the raid or something…

  10. castingfool commented on Monty over 2 years ago

    As a child, right after seeing that movie for the first time, my folks were driving us to church when we passed the high tension power lines. Which were covered with thousands, literally thousands of birds, who were completely silent. Really an uncomfortable feeling to see them there after having watched that movie.