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  1. castingfool commented on Mike Lester over 1 year ago

    Uncle Joe, the Oracle. Able to ascertain fact from incidents that none of us were involved in or party to.

    Only the participants and God know the truth, and God doesn’t play games like the media or public opinion.

    They’re trying to silence an effective conservative voice to the black community, by using things from the past that he cannot defend against because of the media and public opinion.

    The damage is already done, and the black community is firmly in the hands of those who would enslave and control it.

  2. castingfool commented on Mike Lester over 1 year ago

    Bill Cosby is a solid conservative voice that stands against the lack of family values and disregard for self worth that permeates the black community. 30+ deaths per month from black on black killings in Chicago alone, people rioting over criminals getting shot by police, and the continuous demand for more entitlements. Why take incidents from Bill’s life 30 years ago, that involved the sordid lifestyle of the entertainment industry, and use them to destroy one of the few conservative black voices in the world today? We have no way to prove whether the acts were consensual or not. No way to know if there were crimes committed, or if the loose living of the entertainment industry led to casual sex and drugs. In my opinion, they’re burning Bill Cosby to shut him up.

  3. castingfool commented on Endtown over 1 year ago

    Poor Clive…

  4. castingfool commented on Endtown over 1 year ago

    Hmm… I think that Sarah is trying to get to the ditto dome in order to hide from the drones, or to expose Wally and party, or both. But I also think that she won’t get that far because Jim is going to rise from the flames/pit and consummate their relationship just before the drones dust ’em both.

    Interesting question, are the dittos beam-proof?

  5. castingfool commented on Endtown over 1 year ago

    Would be nice if the transporter brain showed up about now, hooked into a battery and a voice box. What tales he/she could tell.

    Of course, I too expect raccoon flambé as the entrée…

  6. castingfool commented on Endtown almost 3 years ago

    Second panel, that looks like a human Holly.

  7. castingfool commented on Endtown almost 4 years ago

    If it was the Swanson stuff, it’s very good. Just bought some yesterday. Literally tastes just like my mother use to make.

  8. castingfool commented on Endtown about 4 years ago

    What was in that open pouch on her belt?

  9. castingfool commented on Endtown about 4 years ago

    Rocket, rocket, rocket. I still think that AM will give Flask an opportunity to stop the rocket. She’s apparently already dead, so it wouldn’t make much difference to her personally, but it would help out Endtown. Should be interesting this week…

  10. castingfool commented on Endtown about 4 years ago

    I think that it’s a tear for Flask.

    Remember the rocket carrying the satellite?

    When AM opens a portal, people go places, usually not to their deaths.

    It was Flask’s “suicide mission”, so I’m guessing that the portal that Flask fell through led to the rocket, giving her the opportunity to carry out her mission. Flask was ready to kill her own fellows in order to carry out the mission.

    Maybe AM simply gave her the chance to do that without the needless deaths of the others (and himself.)

    If I’m right, I wonder if Flask will have any regrets, like maybe Petey…