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  1. judyparka commented on Frog Applause 8 months ago

    If you put a sponge on your head it conducts electricity better. Wait. Isn’t that advice for an electric chair?

  2. judyparka commented on Frog Applause 10 months ago

    “Individuals who eat people are usually considered to be mentally ill, although the compulsion to eat human flesh is not formally listed as a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).”

    The prion disease kuru is interesting, too.

    Source: wikipedia

  3. judyparka commented on Frog Applause 10 months ago

    I like to use cornstarch when making gravy. It doesn’t change the color, is tasteless, and thickens perfectly (as long as it’s mixed in cold water before being added to the broth.)
    @Randy_B I think she frozen them separately, then batch-cooked them. Assuming that they were hen-pecked they probably didn’t have much meat on their bones (so she needed several to make a worthwhile stew).
    The ladies auxiliary is going to have a nice potluck tonight!

  4. judyparka commented on Frog Applause 10 months ago

    This is for anyone who missed out on the GoComics Easter Egg Hunt News from yesterday. GoComics has an Easter Egg Hunt in progress. Many of us on Frog Applause have already won because a friend of the Easter Bunny told us where to find the eggs.
    What you’ll win:
    An unknown trinket (to arrive in 2 weeks) and a 90-day FREE PRO subscription.
    If you’d like to win something as well, here are four “rainbow” egg locations. (You will have to give GoComics your name and shipping address, so if that’s a concern for you, you may wish to reconsider clicking an Easter egg.)
    Sorry for _no_t taking the time to provide direct links. To win a prize, you’ll have to copy and paste the link yourself. At least you don’t have to search for the Easter eggs — that work was already done for you.
    Hope more deserving Frog Applausians win.

  5. judyparka commented on Frog Applause 11 months ago

    Good luck, everybody! I didn’t want to hide this hunt from my FA friends. I hope someone here wins something. If you do, tell us about it!!

  6. judyparka commented on Frog Applause 11 months ago

    If you lose a friend because of an invisible guinea pig, tell yourself, “She wasn’t a real friend anyway”. Loyal and true friends don’t let invisible guinea pigs affect their friendship.

  7. judyparka commented on Frog Applause 11 months ago

    Does Jonathan Antoine have any music for sale? He’s amazing. I listened to several other videos of his. I can’t believe he was only 17 when he sang in Britain’s Got Talent. I wish I had his hair, too. Love long, curly hair.

  8. judyparka commented on Frog Applause 11 months ago

    I’m confused. Where is the laughing head lice?

  9. judyparka commented on Frog Applause 11 months ago

    Not all of Teresa’s cartoons are funny. Some people claim none of them are. I don’t think this cartoon was meant to be funny. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my takeaway.

  10. judyparka commented on Frog Applause 11 months ago

    I’m worried about this woman, and about anyone who is mocked or made fun of because of a disease. Disrespecting a sick or an elderly person is the same to me as child abuse. Elder abuse is real, too. We don’t know the story here, but if her family is doing anything “against her” that doesn’t sound like a loving, supportive family. I don’t know why her clothes are stained. This being a comic strip, maybe that is funny to some people. What I see and feel is her pain.
    Something about her not having a head also feels important here. It’s as though she’s not a complete person. This is a bit off topic, but somewhat the same… when women’s bodies are zoomed in on (it’s not hard to imagine which parts), it’s as though they don’t belong to a complete real person, but instead someone who is just “parts”. A piece of this, a piece of that. Objectified. Heavy stuff, I guess. I like to laugh as much as the next person, but some things just aren’t that funny to me.
    I certainly hope I’m never treated this way by my family.