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  1. DDWiz commented on Non Sequitur 2 days ago

    I guess Danae’s explanation makes at least as much sense as a talking snake in a magic garden tempting a man made out of dust and a woman made out of his rib.

  2. DDWiz commented on B.C. 3 days ago

    The bizarre right wing extremist CONspiracy theory about a “One World Government” run by Rothschilds (European Jews) and the Rockefeller family was cooked up in the 1950’s by Fred Koch, wealthy owner of an energy company and a co-founder and chief financial supporter of the right-wing wacko John Birch Society.
    Koch had been beaten in competition by the Rockefellers so he demonized them, and built his business largely by selling to Hitler’s Third Reich, where he picked up the theories about evil Jewish bankers, who he also demonized, creating the improbable linkage between European Jewish bankers and a non-Jewish energy dynasty that he had been unable to beat in the free markets to which he gave lip serivce.
    Today Fred Koch’s vile, toxic legacy of bigotry lives on through his sons, the Koch Brothers (Charles and David) who continue to fund extremist right wing CONspiracy theories.

  3. DDWiz commented on Nick Anderson 4 days ago

    Trump is a Putin puppet.

  4. DDWiz commented on La Cucaracha 12 days ago

    Crooked Melania.
    (Actually, I like Michelle Obama’s speeches better when she delivers them herself, the first time.)

  5. DDWiz commented on Candorville 19 days ago

    The human egg, sperm and newly-fertilized zygote are all human LIFE, but not a human PERSON.

    To equate human LIFE with human PERSONHOOD is to claim that:
    Menstruation is murder!
    Masturbation is genocide!

    In any case, speculating about how god or Jesus might have felt about abortion is not productive, since the Bible is very clear on the subject and the Bible is 100% pro-choice.

  6. DDWiz commented on The Other Coast 25 days ago

    So close.
    Karma’s only a “b——” if you are.

  7. DDWiz commented on Mike Luckovich 27 days ago

    Love how many times I’ve seen the Traitorous Trump Trolls making excuses for why their chosen egomaniacal blowhard Donald Trump called on Russian hackers to hack into the private data of a political opponent, to tamper with our elections.
    At least when Richard Nixon had his thugs break into the national headquarters of the DNC in the Watergate complex (the 1972 equivalent of hacking), he hired American thugs led by G. Gordon Liddy.

  8. DDWiz commented on Jim Morin 28 days ago

    One cannot say they are #StillSanders and then repudiate his recommendation for how to vote in November.
    I support BERNIE NOT THE BUST.
    I have stood with Bernie from the beginning and I will not abandon him now.
    I trust Bernie’s judgment, knowledge, shrewd tactical and strategic skills and his character.
    I am not going to start second-guessing him now.

  9. DDWiz commented on Glenn McCoy 29 days ago

    The biased e-mails are certainly bad for the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schulz has resigned under pressure, as she has.
    But note that we now have e-mails from Hillary’s server and from the DNC server and, in all of them, none of them are directly to or from Hillary about any inappropriate contact by her in pushing the DNC members to act on their bias.
    They did that on their own.

  10. DDWiz commented on La Cucaracha 29 days ago

    You simply don’t grasp the issue.
    ALL LIVES don’t have targets on their back.
    And yes, black on black, inner city crime and all that are important issues and no one has said otherwise.
    “All Lives Matter” is not about that.
    It is about GOVERNMENT, through law enforcement officers, under color of authority, singling out African Americans for treatment different than whites.