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  1. lrope commented on Frog Applause 14 days ago

    I miss Vlad. I hope he comes back someday. He was both lovable and terrifying. Plus, he could balance several Pyrex bowls (of different colors) on this head.

  2. lrope commented on Frog Applause 16 days ago

    Apology accepted. I enjoy a little honest brash behavior once in a while. Besides, you were no doubt speaking from the heart (or another organ nearby), so I can dig that. We’re all here for Teresa, so let’s keep things humming along.

  3. lrope commented on Frog Applause 17 days ago

    “Go, Dog, Go!” One of my favorite reads as a child. What a memory treat. Thank you.

  4. lrope commented on Frog Applause 17 days ago

    My troll diatribe yesterday was not directed at you or any of Teresa’s other adorable fans. I was referring to people who result to drive-by trolling because they haven’t (presumably) taken the time to read more than a couple of strips and so judge FA on that basis. You always have great, punchy one-liners. I apologize for any misunderstanding to those who thought I was referring to their witty ten words or less.

  5. lrope commented on Frog Applause 17 days ago

    How many FA strips have you read?

  6. lrope commented on Frog Applause 17 days ago

    Some trolls are more useless than other trolls. For a troll to get my attention, I need to see more than a couple of boring sentences. A paragraph or two is my minimum. Frog Applause used to attract a better class of troll. The ones around these days are a yawn. Perhaps the best ones get censored and disappear before they gain any real popularity. (One reason I miss the blog. Teresa always highlighted troll activity for posterity).

  7. lrope commented on Frog Applause 19 days ago

    I’d like a job at the GoComics Switchboard.

  8. lrope commented on Frog Applause 23 days ago

    Are you Teresa’s parasitic twin head? You have a similar sense of humor.
    Q: Aren’t orchids typically delicate? A brass orchid sounds clunky. Expensive but clunky.

  9. lrope commented on Frog Applause 23 days ago

    One more thing… commenters who have been around for a while and who have experienced the highs and lows of this strip, tend not to judge Teresa too harshly when her strips aren’t lameworthy enough. Even though Teresa’s talent is formidable, coming up with new content EVERY DAY must be hard on her. It’s difficult to appreciate Frog Applause by sampling only a few strips. Perhaps new readers don’t give the strip a chance. My suggestion for new readers is to peruse the archives.`Also, unlike other comics on this site that tend to be closed off to new blood commenting, the people here are friendly and nice to newcomers.

  10. lrope commented on Frog Applause 23 days ago

    I’ve been around almost as long as Frog Applause has been on GoComics. I used to comment every day once upon a time. Now I’m lucky if I comment once a year. I’m ashamed of myself for being an invisible fan now. Too bad Teresa can’t see all of her invisible fans. Too bad she doesn’t realize how much love is out here for her, even though we don’t/can’t comment on a regular basis. Maybe Teresa just needs to Feel the Love more often. I know I like to feel loved.