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  1. lrope commented on Frog Applause 5 days ago

    The chair of repose looks a bit like the kind of stirrup-equipped contraptions women are expected to straddle in the doctor’s office on specific occasions. He’s got one foot up already…do men undergo the same straddled indignity when their manbits and anal canal need greater scrutiny?

  2. lrope commented on Frog Applause 18 days ago

    Back in the day, Teresa posted a fair number of death portraits on Frog Blog, so I remember those kinds of photos. This looks more like a bad photo. Wait. Didn’t photos from this era take several long, dreary minutes to complete? Eyes half closed wouldn’t be something that someone would do for a prolonged time. I think your comment is on target. That pandiculating guy is dead.

  3. lrope commented on Frog Applause 19 days ago

    Of course I hesitated. It’s almost impossible to make a choice immediately. I need time to think.I guess I’ll go with purple. No, red. Purple. Definitely purp—- blue.

  4. lrope commented on Frog Applause 24 days ago

    What a dislike are men with hairy necks. Like an ostrich.

  5. lrope commented on Frog Applause 24 days ago

    This is the look they gave me as I made off with my prize.…………………………………………………………….

    That’s because, once again, boys get MORE prizes and girls get no prizes. Remember?http://www.gocomics.com/frogapplause/2016/11/07

  6. lrope commented on Frog Applause 27 days ago

    If there are MORE prizes for boys NOW, what were the prizes for boys before? Are they new and BETTER prizes or just crappy trinkets because boys are so easily impressed by anything seen as MORE?

  7. lrope commented on Frog Applause 27 days ago

    I’d be willing to bet that you’d lose your bet about Teresa finding the quotes above somewhere else. Teresa is a master at twisting English this way. I’m not sure how to easily find examples from past strips. Is that one of the things that the new beta site will help readers do… find strips by topic? If so, how will that work? I remember that that feature was tried in the past and it turned into a big mess with people creating hashtags full of goobledy-gook like #thisisthelaststraw. I forgot what I was initially talking about now. Oh, Teresa’s warped English. Let’s not forget Vlad. He wasn’t exactly fluent in English.

  8. lrope commented on Frog Applause 2 months ago

    I, too, am upset that the hamster hotel is out of towels. Such indignation requires more than just italics and bold text. I just learned how to do strikethru!!.What do you mean about text being relegated to a limited number of characters? Where is it relegated now?

  9. lrope commented on Frog Applause 2 months ago

    Mama needs a new pair o’ shoes.The one visible looks well worn and manly. If modesty is the reason for all of her puritanical cover up, why is her upper body, especially her
    bosom, so tightly bound and defined?

  10. lrope commented on Frog Applause 2 months ago

    I’ve been to that lava pit.