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  1. Firefighter54 commented on Red and Rover about 1 month ago

    3600 × 10 to the -9th power should give him a little more time. I could have used 60 seconds but why not go for “BIG” little numbers!

  2. Firefighter54 commented on Dogs of C-Kennel about 1 month ago

    Tree sighs wistfully because a thirsty dog has not a full bladder in which to mark territory.

  3. Firefighter54 commented on Gary Varvel 5 months ago

    Flash, how was our assisting a country (then South Vietnam) from being forcibly taken over by a communist/socialist government backed by Russia & China, a war crime?
    By the way, We were sent there originally to assist France who held this area as a colony. It was not ours and it was not ever going to be. You really should study history completely and not respond with such a trite and insipid statement. our country had both the right but also, the responsibility to protect other people’s rights to freedom.

  4. Firefighter54 commented on Wizard of Id 5 months ago

    It should have been named: Seymour!

  5. Firefighter54 commented on Pearls Before Swine 5 months ago

    Nicely done Stephan!

  6. Firefighter54 commented on JumpStart 5 months ago

    Or perhaps Robb has become a math major. Seems he’s gone off on a tangent!

  7. Firefighter54 commented on JumpStart 5 months ago

    A man stand just out of camera range saying: "You’ve about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight or sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop: “The Twilight Zone”

  8. Firefighter54 commented on Dick Tracy 5 months ago

    Can’t help it I just had to go to my ASCII and found out our little mouse friend was saying:
    SQUEAK” & “NIBBLE”. Remember: Two nibbles make one byte!

  9. Firefighter54 commented on Dragon Girl 6 months ago

    Really liked the story line and the graphics were great. Thanks Jeff! Look forward to your next one. Hope you continue the adventures of Dragon Girl.

  10. Firefighter54 commented on Garfield 6 months ago

    Please! Jon & Garfield would not deign to eat “Carob” frosting. That is so gauche!