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  1. reddogger commented on Jane's World 2 months ago

    Or, perhaps they could be on top of her head……

  2. reddogger commented on Nancy 3 months ago

    Is Fritzi going to the beach too?

  3. reddogger commented on For Better or For Worse 3 months ago

    “But the man on the telly said the penguin’s going to blow up!”

  4. reddogger commented on Rose is Rose 3 months ago

    My three sons all hunt…..

  5. reddogger commented on Nancy 4 months ago

    This one wonders how many just never came forward and continue to suffer in fear.

  6. reddogger commented on Nancy 5 months ago

    As Commander Cody sang “There’s a whole lotta things that I ain’t never done, but I ain’t never had too much fun…”

  7. reddogger commented on Barkeater Lake 6 months ago

    @frumdebang…And yet, everyone thought he was doing a great job until the infamous video surfaced……

  8. reddogger commented on Rose is Rose 7 months ago

    Kissing?…There’s no kissing in hockey…..(with apologies to Tom Hanks)

  9. reddogger commented on Nancy 8 months ago

    Now why is it you never read the headline “Psychic wins lottery!”?

  10. reddogger commented on Nancy 9 months ago

    Finally! AcacianPaladin’s come by to troll the Nancy Strip, leaving his usual invective diatribe of loathsome discourse. Why don’t you go back to your park bench and yell at the children as they play? (Maybe a pigeon will festoon your pate with a sampling of the feculence that adorn your posts!)