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  1. RedRock2512 commented on Tank McNamara about 1 year ago

    If the name of a sport team is as inconsequential as some argue, why is there so much resistance to changing it. Names have changed before; they will change again.

    And let’s be real. Names such as these started in a less enlightened era when racism was engrained in the culture. Times have changed.

  2. RedRock2512 commented on Joel Pett over 2 years ago

    Corporations just pass on their tax bills to consumers in the cost of their goods and services. Raise taxes on corporations, and corporations will raise the price of their goods. In the end, it always falls to the consumer to pay taxes.

  3. RedRock2512 commented on Tank McNamara over 2 years ago

    Your mistake is assuming people listen to the hype.

  4. RedRock2512 commented on Joel Pett over 2 years ago

    “Trained armed guards protecting us from bad guys.” Isn’t that called “the Police.” I’m all for only Police having military-style guns.

  5. RedRock2512 commented on Ben Sargent over 4 years ago

    Fits Arizona, too.

  6. RedRock2512 commented on Tom Toles about 6 years ago

    Letting the car companies fail in a healthy economy might have been an option. But in a recession, losing that many jobs – from the manufacturers to the vendors that supply them to the dealerships – would have made a bad situation a catastrophe. At least the workers are still productive, tax-paying workers rather than on the unemployment roles.

    It was GM’s poor, bureaucratic-heavy management that led them to rely on gas-guzzling SUVs and not be prepared for the inevitable rise in gas prices, motivating consumers to want gas efficiency to save money. The only difference between a unionized carmaker and a non-unionized carmaker is the pension plan. The pay is basically the same. So don’t go blaming the unions for this.

    And many of the big banks that have not accepted government funds are hiding the sour loans on their books so as not to cause a panic among their customers and to try and wait out the spiraling decline in the value of their assets so they don’t have to take the loss. (Let the customer to that.)

    In the meantime, both industries continue to spend huge chunks of money on lobbyists and political contributions in an attempt to keep Congress from returning to the pre-Reagan regulations that protected consumers (banks) or implementing regulations that would increase gas efficiency which have been passed by 13 states and supported by the general public (automakers).

    Obama has done the best he can in a bad situation. At least he is looking out for the voters, while these other players continue to look out for their own best interests