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  1. Strongbow7 commented on Close to Home over 3 years ago

    The handheld models have 2 operating modes; walking & driving. The walking mode is usually the default mode. My son got one and claimed the GPS was trying to kill him by telling him he was on the wrong side of the road. It was in walking mode while he was driving.

  2. Strongbow7 commented on One Big Happy almost 4 years ago

    Not true. You live everyday. You only die once.

  3. Strongbow7 commented on B.C. over 4 years ago

    Comments on comic strips to political posturing in one quick stroke of the keyboard. I wish they could stay on topic; sigh!

  4. Strongbow7 commented on Bob the Squirrel almost 5 years ago

    Only 10 fans? Might as well pack it in.

  5. Strongbow7 commented on The Elderberries about 5 years ago

    What’s that other one?… That’s still dill, Dill.

  6. Strongbow7 commented on Get a Life over 5 years ago

    He probably ripped it off of someone else’s speech.

  7. Strongbow7 commented on On A Claire Day over 5 years ago

    He’s a biologist not a chemist.

  8. Strongbow7 commented on Garfield over 5 years ago

    Odie was just checking his p- mail and sending his reply.

  9. Strongbow7 commented on Imagine This almost 6 years ago

    I notice that Brazen product placement has arrived in the comics.