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  1. slipstick_0 commented on Thatababy almost 4 years ago

    So does my girlfriend. Maybe we should start making them and selling them at a healthy profit.

  2. slipstick_0 commented on Doonesbury over 4 years ago

    Can you site research on this “The majority of women who see their living, moving baby on the sonogram decide against the abortion.”?

    I would like to bring up a point with all the pro-lifers who equate abortion with murder. Shouldn’t Sen. Santorum be brought up on first-degree murder charges for having his wife have an abortion then?

  3. slipstick_0 commented on The Duplex about 5 years ago

    I’m left wondering…

    Eno eating a salad? The steaks must not be ready yet.

  4. slipstick_0 commented on Lio about 5 years ago

    I didn’t realize it until I took the time to look through the things on my Facebook page, but today is the end of “Cephalopod Awareness Days” (Oct 8-12) Maybe next year we can see Lio taking his friend out for a night at the movies for it.

  5. slipstick_0 commented on The Born Loser over 5 years ago

    Obviously they didn’t migrate far enough the first time.

  6. slipstick_0 commented on Overboard over 5 years ago

    Does that make Louie a Tigers fan, Pirates fan, or Lions fan?

  7. slipstick_0 commented on Lio en Español over 5 years ago

    I’m glad that I took some Spanish in high school.

  8. slipstick_0 commented on Lio over 5 years ago

    What? No Lio? But he’s my favorite. I’d love to get my kids to act like him….

  9. slipstick_0 commented on Lio over 5 years ago

    He must’ve borrowed it from Cybil.

  10. slipstick_0 commented on Overboard over 5 years ago

    I thought that they ran on alternative fuel. You know, shedded Louie fur.
    Maybe their high-performance models run on gasoline….