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  1. Noreen Klose commented on Ten Cats about 11 hours ago

    Great pics today!
    My Hubby came out to see what I was laughing so hard about, so I showed him the cat fighting the humidifier.
    ROFLMAO funny!
    Thanks for my daily smile, today, it was a belly laugh!

  2. Noreen Klose commented on Ten Cats 1 day ago

    So glad that you liked that pic. I thought it looked MOST like what I thought your avatar pic looked like.
    Most of us TC members would NEVER even need to be banned…our “crowd” are so nice, they wouldn’t ever write badly about anyone. No name calling, profanity, or nastiness.
    I once flagged a person on another comic who had “lit into me” really badly. The next three posters said that I had said nothing wrong, and they couldn’t figure out why the poster was so outrageously mean—-they flagged him, too.
    Later that day…the commenter, comments, AND his page was gone. Erased from gocomics (that’s what banned means).

    Do not worry, the kind people on Ten Cats wouldn’t ever be banned! The care and concern here is almost palpable. Anyway, how could sharing nice/funny/cute pics be BAD???

  3. Noreen Klose commented on Ten Cats 6 days ago

    Yes, I also use paint to do basic editing.
    I just thought you might know something more sophisticated than I did.
    Word is sooo much easier to resize a pic. The picture format option is great!

  4. Noreen Klose commented on Ten Cats 6 days ago

    Tell laughingkitty how to resize and crop the pic. Then, she could make a better avatar.
    Hi, laughingkitty, that’s a nice pic for your avatar. Welcome!
    Great pics today, posters.
    Thanks for my daily smile!

    For laughingkitty—-

  5. Noreen Klose commented on Endtown 9 days ago

    Where is Monday’s strip?
    I hope that you’re OK, Aaron.

  6. Noreen Klose commented on Momma 16 days ago

    Rest in Peace, Mell.
    Thanks for all the years of enjoyment you gave to me.
    I have fond memories of the Miss Peach strip as well as Momma.
    My sincere condolences to your family.
    You ARE missed.
    Goodbye, and thanks for all the smiles!

  7. Noreen Klose commented on Ten Cats 17 days ago

    Great pics today- – -really cute, too!
    Thanks, posters, for my daily smile ;-)))

  8. Noreen Klose commented on Rose is Rose 17 days ago

    At my last house, I had a mocking bird who would “helicopter” at my backdoor window to get me to com out and feed him. When he had a mate and they had nestlings…it was almost constant. I gave him peanut butter on a Ritz. They loved it. He stayed all winter and I fed him. He would also come when I called. I whistled “ei-ei-o” from “Old MacDonald”. ;-) It was fun.

  9. Noreen Klose commented on Reality Check 20 days ago

    “I’m sure we all do. The problem, as usual, is not identifying the one politician who is a crook so much as it is trying to find one who is not.”

    It’s so simple…
    They ALL are crooks.
    The politicians go to DC wide-eyed and innocent. They profess to care about the people.
    Shortly afterwards, they get into the “game” of keeping themselves in power. They’ve become corrupt, lying, politicians.
    They now ONLY care about power, re-elections, and graft. Corruption stinks!
    Washington DC, and all State Capitals stink.
    It’s a pervasive, sickening stench of politicians that make the smell.

  10. Noreen Klose commented on Ziggy 21 days ago

    There’s no such thing as a free lunch—-Lazarus Long (Robert Heinlein)