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  1. Noreen Klose commented on On A Claire Day about 19 hours ago

    I do not mind helping the truly needy. But I do mind helping illegals- – -they have a country who didn’t help them. They come here and sponge, which THEIR former country wouldn’t allow them to do. Why should we?

    But too many greedy people have just decided to live on MY dime. Govt handouts will never cover everybody. The govt must not take ALL my money to take care of everyone else.

    The cheaters need to go to work, and pay their OWN way in this world. the illegals need to stay home in their own countries.

    The govt cannot become “everything” for “everybody”.

  2. Noreen Klose commented on On A Claire Day about 19 hours ago

    GREAT observation! ! !

    Finally, the TRUTH in plain English.

    I wish this was shown to everyone who thinks the Democrats are their “friends”.

  3. Noreen Klose commented on Endtown about 21 hours ago

    Oh, no!

    SAVE Holly!

    Bleeping Friday cliffhangers!

  4. Noreen Klose commented on Half Full 5 days ago

    So, stop reading it.

    Other people like it, you don’t have to.

  5. Noreen Klose commented on Ziggy 5 days ago

    The only truth about global climate change is that its proponents only want to pass “prohibitive sin taxes”.

    The govt wants to take the money and run. The govt spends like there’s no tomorrow. They do not use the money collected to fix anything.

    Does anyone notice that the loudest activists “exempt” THEMSELVES from having to follow all these govt regulations?

    Regulations are not the same as LAW. A law must be passed and signed. A regulation is just fiat by a govt agency. There is no way to contest it properly. “Make it so” belongs to Jean-Luc on ST- – -not in real life.

  6. Noreen Klose commented on Breaking Cat News 5 days ago


    I <3 Puck.

  7. Noreen Klose commented on Ten Cats 7 days ago

    Thanks, it worked!


  8. Noreen Klose commented on Ten Cats 7 days ago

    I wish you great success with your operations.

    I have the same trouble, but I’m scared to fix it.

    My right leg is my “good” leg, but the knee is going fast. My whole left side doesn’t work very well, so I’m NOT sure the left knee is worth fixing.

    Let us know how it works out!

  9. Noreen Klose commented on Ten Cats 10 days ago

    I hope your wife gets better soon.

    It’s a shame about your cat, I’m sure that you are doing the best you can.

    Most of the cats that I have had only lived to be 16 to 17.

    I wish you much better luck than I’ve had!


  10. Noreen Klose commented on Ten Cats 11 days ago

    I can see them, bbear.

    There is an annoying pop-up that asks me to login, but it minimizes to the bottom of the screen.

    I cannot login, I’m NOT a member,

    Very nice pics!