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  1. triketurq commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 3 years ago

    Can this comic strip get any more esoteric?

  2. triketurq commented on Ben Sargent almost 4 years ago

    I really wish we could let Texas secede.
    But then we would have an insane theocracy on our border who would demand the right to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico within 200 miles of their shores.

  3. triketurq commented on Bob the Squirrel almost 4 years ago

    Brilliant !!!
    This is why Bob the Squirrel is at the top of my queue.

  4. triketurq commented on Overboard over 4 years ago

    Agreed. The whole thing is now one big cliche after another. If this does not improve soon I’m gonna just remove it from my queue. I will really miss Louie

  5. triketurq commented on Overboard over 4 years ago

    It appears I share the same birthday with Louie…….but not the same tastes

  6. triketurq commented on Bob the Squirrel over 4 years ago

    Brilliant. This is one for the “Best of” show

  7. triketurq commented on Drew Sheneman almost 5 years ago

    And we all know Obama does not lie

  8. triketurq commented on Robert Ariail about 5 years ago

    This cartoon is totally unoriginal. A cliche. I can’t believe some cartoonists get paid to draw stuff like this

  9. triketurq commented on Michael Ramirez about 5 years ago

    Irregardless of your point of view, this strip is hackneyed cliched and unoriginal. The same idea has been put out there a few times in the last few months. A couple are very similar. Plagiarism?

  10. triketurq commented on Pat Oliphant over 5 years ago

    billdog– Kyl is from Arizona…….sorry to say