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  1. triketurq commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria over 3 years ago

    Can this comic strip get any more esoteric?

  2. triketurq commented on Bob the Squirrel about 4 years ago

    Brilliant !!!
    This is why Bob the Squirrel is at the top of my queue.

  3. triketurq commented on Overboard over 4 years ago

    Agreed. The whole thing is now one big cliche after another. If this does not improve soon I’m gonna just remove it from my queue. I will really miss Louie

  4. triketurq commented on Overboard over 4 years ago

    It appears I share the same birthday with Louie…….but not the same tastes

  5. triketurq commented on Bob the Squirrel almost 5 years ago

    Brilliant. This is one for the “Best of” show

  6. triketurq commented on Drew Sheneman about 5 years ago

    And we all know Obama does not lie

  7. triketurq commented on Robert Ariail about 5 years ago

    This cartoon is totally unoriginal. A cliche. I can’t believe some cartoonists get paid to draw stuff like this

  8. triketurq commented on Michael Ramirez about 5 years ago

    Irregardless of your point of view, this strip is hackneyed cliched and unoriginal. The same idea has been put out there a few times in the last few months. A couple are very similar. Plagiarism?

  9. triketurq commented on Pat Oliphant over 5 years ago

    billdog– Kyl is from Arizona…….sorry to say

  10. triketurq commented on Bad Reporter over 5 years ago