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  1. terrabeth7776 commented on Zen Pencils 20 days ago

    I know! If you don’t want something more than anyone else, that means you have to be eaten by a hypothetical monster? Not everyone in the world has an all-consuming, burning passion that they’re willing to die for…and that’s okay.

  2. terrabeth7776 commented on Deep Dark Fears 2 months ago

    Great. Now I’m scared of that too.

  3. terrabeth7776 commented on The Meaning of Lila 3 months ago

    I used to do it, too. I believe it can become an actual addiction. But when I had my baby (five yrs ago), I started putting my phone in the back seat when I drive. I am not going to risk her safety over my phone. I do make sure it’s within a stretch reach though, just in case I need 911. Besides, I can only remember one time ever that I got a text while driving that was actually important, lol.

  4. terrabeth7776 commented on The Big Picture 4 months ago


  5. terrabeth7776 commented on Agnes 4 months ago

    What is that thing on her dresser?!

  6. terrabeth7776 commented on Zen Pencils 7 months ago

    But why is it always about romantic love? I love deeply…my daughter, my friends, family and even my dogs. I feel quite fulfilled and happy for now without a mate.

  7. terrabeth7776 commented on Stone Soup 7 months ago

    Agreed. I am a single mom. My accounts always balance to the penny, so I know exactly how much money I have or don’t have. And, I have no debt. Single, busy parents tend to be MORE organized because we have to be. Definitely do not need someone to “pull me out of the chaos”!

  8. terrabeth7776 commented on Betty 8 months ago

    I’m a grown woman who can’t swim in the deep end of a pool by myself because I’m afraid of sharks. Completely irrational, but there it is.

  9. terrabeth7776 commented on Betty 8 months ago

    Watch Life is Beautiful. So different…funny,happy and sad. It will give you ALL the feels with a unique plotline.

  10. terrabeth7776 commented on Zen Pencils 9 months ago

    Yes, this assumes that everyone has some grand dream. I’m good with my 9-5, which supports me and my child and has good benefits. I can read/write/volunteer/dance in my spare time and that makes me happy too. It’s pretentious to think that everyone who has a “regular” job is unhappy.