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  1. cward commented on Zack Hill 16 days ago

    enjoy Christmas for what it stands for. if you do not wish to celebrate, don’t. but don’t tell me i can’t because i want to.

  2. cward commented on Candorville 5 months ago

    john henry?

  3. cward commented on Shoe over 1 year ago

    no it was Paul revere and the raiders with SAC. earl of grey was their manager.. LOL

  4. cward commented on Working Daze over 1 year ago

    when did they hire jay back? i thought they fired him and brought him back as a temp?

  5. cward commented on Dude and Dude over 1 year ago

    F.F.F.o.F. flying fickle finger of fate. google it.

  6. cward commented on Family Tree over 1 year ago

    GOOD PARENTS!!!!!!

  7. cward commented on Frazz over 1 year ago

    the last uniformed enemy to invade the US was the Japanese in the ww2 they took over some Alaskan islands.

  8. cward commented on Rip Haywire over 1 year ago

    what happened to Rip’s beard stubble?

  9. cward commented on The Knight Life over 1 year ago

    laser sights

  10. cward commented on Dude and Dude almost 2 years ago

    hit me with your best shot