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  1. yldchyld commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    freshman parking. fun.fun.fun.

  2. yldchyld commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    nice squirrel tongue.

  3. yldchyld commented on Ordinary Bill 2 months ago

    love it.

  4. yldchyld commented on Jump Start 4 months ago

    you are correct, it is a less invasive surgery to neuter most species vs a spay.

  5. yldchyld commented on Jump Start 4 months ago


  6. yldchyld commented on Jump Start 4 months ago

    I think Fredrick is smiling because he has a buddy now. I am glad they are doing information about guinea pigs because I was concerned when they had the strip where she wanted to know why he wasn’t running in the wheel. It is just a comic strip, but millions of people read them and sometimes it helps to educate them on the care of pets. I wonder if the artist got e-mails complaining or asking him to clarify? I almost e-mailed, but to be honest I got distracted.

    Thank you Mr Armstrong, my piggies are glad you shared this information.

  7. yldchyld commented on Jump Start 5 months ago

    awww, poor little piggie. lol. Wheels are dangerous for them though. They have very fragile legs.

  8. yldchyld commented on Pinkerton about 1 year ago


  9. yldchyld commented on Dog Eat Doug about 1 year ago

    and you can ruin a perfectly good keyboard by drinking and reading the comics at the same time.

  10. yldchyld commented on Frazz about 1 year ago