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  1. Dogger807 commented on Phil Hands almost 3 years ago

    Aren’t you the same paid commenter that claimed there was no way Romney could lose?

  2. Dogger807 commented on Ken Catalino over 3 years ago

    Simply true

  3. Dogger807 commented on Clay Bennett about 4 years ago

    Most pictures are worth a thousand words. Some are a books worth

  4. Dogger807 commented on Chris Britt about 4 years ago

    This cartoon is irrelevant to the current situation. There are so many really issues to take up against Romney. This drivel is uncalled for.

  5. Dogger807 commented on Chan Lowe almost 5 years ago

    I don’t take moralistic advice from willing and unrepentant pedophile enablers.

  6. Dogger807 commented on Mike Lester about 5 years ago

    This is not an “OMG!!! they’re holding bible studies” it’s a government response to complaints over parking and zoning.

    What these 50 people we’re doing on the property was irrelevant. Heck, one or two times doing it would probably have been a minor inconvenience the community would have lived with. This was a continual problem which the neighbors asked for legal intervention.

    So in that respect, should the local police have ignored valid registered complaints just because the offenders were doing something religious?

  7. Dogger807 commented on Clay Bennett over 5 years ago

    @vortex1203 I can’t decide if your brainwashed, a troll, or just that stupid. Your posts are always devoid of thought or truth. Yet you post every day in almost every comic., spewing hate and bigotry.
    Anyway it goes I suggest you get mental help.

  8. Dogger807 commented on Pat Oliphant over 5 years ago

    Who cares what a bishop thinks. Where’s talking about an organization that insists women priests are on par with child molestation. This is not a group to take moral revelations from.

  9. Dogger807 commented on Robert Ariail over 5 years ago

    Any religious leader offering a definate testable answer to anything
    is a crackpot. How can you keep up the mysticism if you give unambiguous, easy to understand answers.

  10. Dogger807 commented on Dana Summers over 5 years ago

    ^^^ Seriously, there is an app for that.