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  1. wanderwolf commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    Not for me, thanks — too much oil in that stuff for me to enjoy having it on my fingers. Dipping a banana in it, though — yummy!

  2. wanderwolf commented on Endtown 4 days ago

    From the Quartermaster, of course… ;)

  3. wanderwolf commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    That’s the joke… ;)

  4. wanderwolf commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    I went to one of my high school reunions. The jocks barely talked to anyone, half the cheerleaders had gotten pregnant and married (in that order) and still thought they were better than everyone. But at least the guy whose friend died while car surfing had finally gotten counseling — he was nice to talk to.

  5. wanderwolf commented on Endtown 9 days ago

    It makes sense, I suppose — they couldn’t “really” be in the story until this point, when they’re in a group of fellow mutants. Any earlier, and they would have affected the course of events too wildly.

  6. wanderwolf commented on Endtown 19 days ago

    Why not? Apex winds up doing so back at the start of the storyline, when encountering humans whose “mutation” is an inherent immunity to the mutating virus.

  7. wanderwolf commented on Endtown 19 days ago

    I have to say it… perhaps you’ve heard of a little thing called sewing? Most of them have some form of working hands; combine that with materials stolen in raids above-ground and you have enough for some clothing.

  8. wanderwolf commented on Pluggers 2 months ago

    Hey now, if it wasn’t for optimism, recreational fishing wouldn’t exist. ;)

  9. wanderwolf commented on Endtown 3 months ago

    Who’s controlling the dittos? It’s pretty obvious to anyone who remembers Sparkplug: Holly’s controlling them. Not the Holly in the image — as with Sparkplug, that’s a ditto recreation. But Holly can see and hear all of this, because (again as with Sparkplug) the few things she didn’t see/hear for herself can be filled in with a trace of imagination and a dash of logical thought.

    Of course, if it’s the same situation as with Sparkplug, the word “control” can be a bit strong — Sparkplug never could seem to stop them replaying his traumatic experiences. But then, if I may be forgiven the quote from Deep Space Nine: “This is where you live. All of your thought, your existence, keeps coming back to this point.”

  10. wanderwolf commented on Endtown 4 months ago

    And the pity of it, as Wally just realized, is that the old world was so far gone that you’d come armed when someone asked for help. The greatest sin of Sodom: No kindness, no fellow-feeling, just a bunch of individuals who happened to live in the same area. Not a community at all.