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  1. pshapley commented on Drabble 3 days ago

    Despite how he really felt about the casserole, Ralph did eat it. It’s food, after all. (He’ll probably need a gallon of ice cream to get the taste of it out of his mouth, though.)

  2. pshapley commented on Pickles 8 days ago

    The holes are in the front, the stains are on the outside. Inside out and backwards it looks fine.

  3. pshapley commented on Drabble 8 days ago

    Didn’t he give her a bowling ball once? (In his size, of course)

  4. pshapley commented on Frazz 11 days ago

    Is school still in session in Michigan? Yesterday was the last day of SUMMER school here in Tucson — regular school ended 4 weeks ago. (Though the poor kids have to go back the first week of August).

  5. pshapley commented on Frazz 14 days ago

    My son’s school got A/C between his kindergarten and first grade years. That would be the summer of 2004. I don’t know how kids survived without it — we’re in Tucson, AZ, where it hits 100 in early May and the heat lasts into October.

  6. pshapley commented on Pearls Before Swine 17 days ago

    The term for people who drive for miles with their turn signal on is “blinking idiot.” They’re everywhere.

  7. pshapley commented on Pearls Before Swine 17 days ago

    Arizona is scary. When I moved here I handed over my California DL, and they gave me an AZ license, good for nearly 30 years (until I turn 65) without so much as asking me if I knew how to drive. A lot of people on the road obviously don’t know how.

    And unsurprisingly, AZ is the worst state for pedestrians getting killed by “licensed” motorists.

  8. pshapley commented on Calvin and Hobbes 17 days ago

    Talk about non P.C.: The names of the two characters in the B.C. strip that Hobbes linked — are they still called “cute chick” and “fat broad”?

  9. pshapley commented on Frazz 24 days ago

    Here in Tucson, the “Lost Dog” and “Lost Cat” posters appear in late spring. Few if any of the animals are ever found. That’s when the coyotes are looking for easy prey to feed their new pups. I can’t understand people who let their pets run around outside at night.

  10. pshapley commented on Frazz 28 days ago

    In Tucson, school started on August 1 last “fall”, and ended on May 21. So our kids get 4 weeks before Labor Day, and a week off before Memorial Day. They have lots of lame excuses, but I think these schedules are set up based on the School Board’s vacation plans.