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  1. pshapley commented on Non Sequitur 5 days ago

    So girls are the product of bee barf. (That’s what honey is.)

  2. pshapley commented on Drabble 11 days ago

    Dodger Stadium has four decks, but the 3rd one is the “stadium club”. In photos it looks like a thin 3rd deck. (Actually, from seating charts, there seems to be two sections of the top deck, even way out in right field, which might be counted as a fifth deck. I’ve never been way up there in the Drabble zone.)

    (I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be Dodger stadium, with the palm tree, the mountains, and the bullpen and scoreboard right there.)

  3. pshapley commented on Non Sequitur 13 days ago

    Several years ago, when we were moving between states, we hired a moving company. The rep insisted we would be stupid (her word) not to buy insurance, so we did. The movers then proceeded to (unintentionally, but while we were watching) roll three boxes down a flight of stairs onto a concrete patio. Wrecked our laser printer, smashed a wedding present bowl, nothing else really damaged.

    So we filed a claim, with photos of the damage and all. The evil scumbags refused to pay. I copied the next letter to the rep who sold us the insurance (including her name and the quote about us being stupid if we didn’t buy insurance), and at the bottom “cc’d” the name of a friend who was a lawyer. (The friend never knew about it, but all’s fair when you’re dealing with evil scumbags.)

    They settled up immediately, sending a check, along with a statement that it was just a “goodwill gesture” and not any admission of fault on their part. SO they could claim they had never ever done anything wrong.

    But I still posted this story on a website about similar crap from that company.

  4. pshapley commented on Calvin and Hobbes 13 days ago

    When I was a kid in the Boy Scouts, we called lighter fluid “Boy Scout Juice.” It was great because you could squirt it on an (already going) charcoal fire and not have it blow up on you the way gasoline would. But it sure gave the burgers a funny taste.

  5. pshapley commented on Get Fuzzy 16 days ago

    But Fig Newtons and Pringles ARE vegetarian. Whether they are actually “food” is another matter.

  6. pshapley commented on Get Fuzzy about 1 month ago

    For the past 2 years or more, ALL the daily strips have been 8 year old reruns. So there’s nothing “special” about this week.

  7. pshapley commented on Drabble 2 months ago

    When I was 25 I used to get grumpy at the office about the moronic clients we had to deal with, so I was nicknamed “the 85 year old man.”
    30+ years later, I’ve mellowed — I don’t act a day over 80.

  8. pshapley commented on Frazz 2 months ago

    In Tucson, school let out on May 25… and it starts up again the first week of August. So all these “last week of school” and “first week of school” strips seem around a month late.

  9. pshapley commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 2 months ago

    Congress-Man has been the subject of Non Sequiter comics for the past week.

  10. pshapley commented on Doonesbury 2 months ago

    Why should the college president care if they drop out at this point? It’s not like they’d be due a refund.