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  1. pshapley commented on For Better or For Worse about 9 hours ago

    That reminds me of an old Far Side cartoon, where the dog is thinking happily “Oh, Goody! Dog food again!”

  2. pshapley commented on Drabble 3 days ago

    Yes, the Drabbles live in L.A. (This is far from the first time Dodger Stadium has been shown.)

  3. pshapley commented on For Better or For Worse 15 days ago

    Smoking is disgusting, sure, but it’s worse than that. Smoking (lung cancer) killed my mother.

  4. pshapley commented on Drabble 17 days ago

    “Your call is very important to us… but not so important that we’ll hire a few more low paid people so you don’t have to wait for hours.”

  5. pshapley commented on Get Fuzzy 17 days ago

    Boring fruit == “banal” banana = “banalma”

  6. pshapley commented on Drabble 18 days ago

    Honeybunch doesn’t have to replace the screen. That’s Ralph’s job. And the cost of it will cut into his donut money, not her shopping budget (or the cat food budget).

  7. pshapley commented on Drabble 20 days ago

    This is Oogie, remember? If Ralph helps him, the cat will end up tearing him to shreds.

  8. pshapley commented on Frazz 20 days ago

    That bathroom pass system is not a uniquely Montessori thing. I work in a plain old public school where it’s the standard system. (Why do the “fans” of a particular educational system have to slam other systems in every way, even the untrue ones?)

  9. pshapley commented on Frazz 23 days ago

    In Tucson, schools started August 4. Then they have a fall break in October, a spring break in March (seldom aligns with Easter, then out of school before Memorial Day. Fine because it avoids the really hot days in June and July, but lousy because it doesn’t align with the local University and Community College, where many parents work or are students. So family vacation times are limited to about six weeks in the summer.

  10. pshapley commented on Pearls Before Swine 25 days ago

    So Rat has fleas? Or did they flee?