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  1. alexzabala commented on Steve Breen 20 days ago

    Grand Kid: “Grandpa….did you have global warming when you were a kid?”

    Grandpa: “Yep we called it summer.”

  2. alexzabala commented on Chan Lowe 21 days ago

    If we all use the legal laws to avoid paying taxes then we won’t have any money to go to war….I like it!!!!

  3. alexzabala commented on Matt Wuerker 23 days ago


  4. alexzabala commented on Clay Bennett 23 days ago

    Uhm…so this orange looking bigot took advantage of the LEGAL tax laws and he is wrong…why??

  5. alexzabala commented on Jeff Danziger 23 days ago

    But WAIT!!! WHO made the legal tax code rules anyway??? The guy on the right…DUH..

  6. alexzabala commented on Joe Heller 23 days ago

    Both are bad choices….sad

  7. alexzabala commented on Steve Kelley 23 days ago

    Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA

  8. alexzabala commented on Mike Luckovich 23 days ago

    I take LEGAL advantage of the tax laws provided by the government to pay less taxes…answer me…does that make me stupid or smart….quick…answer me!!!

  9. alexzabala commented on Glenn McCoy 23 days ago

    But wait…..America NEEDS WHOOPIE!!!!!!

  10. alexzabala commented on Jim Morin 23 days ago

    Then WHY are there LEGAL tax laws that he used???? Take the write offs away and then he will pay. DUH. However…if he committed fraud then that’s tax evasion. There, that’s your free legal obvious tax advice of the day.