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  1. traceling commented on Doonesbury 6 months ago

    mrgeoff2u: Trudeau is working on the TV show, which was extended. I’m thinking the daily strips might not return till the show is cancelled. And I think we should all prepare ourselves for the possibility that even then, Trudeau might
    formally retire, or at least quit doing the dailies. That’s just the kind of guy he his. He probably wants to have, and enjoy, a real retirement.

  2. traceling commented on Doonesbury 6 months ago

    I believe the plan is to chronologically delve into various eras of the strip. So we probably won’t get the whole road trip. But the entire archive is available on comics.com if you want to become a subscriber.

  3. traceling commented on Dilbert Classics 6 months ago

    When did the boss get the pointy hairs anyway?

  4. traceling commented on Doonesbury 7 months ago

    New hiatus: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/comic-riffs/post/this-just-in—trudeau-puts-daily-doonesbury-on-long-term-hiatus-to-work-on-renewed-alpha-house-im-ready-for-an-extended-break/2014/02/11/e22bebbe-92d4-11e3-b46a-5a3d0d2130da_blog.html

  5. traceling commented on Doonesbury 7 months ago

    Those of you looking for fresh strips may have to wait a while… http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/garry-trudeau-announces-extended-hiatus-comics-pages-will-run-classic-early-strips/2014/03/02/aaf94a88-a0a8-11e3-a050-dc3322a94fa7_story.html
    Personally, I don’t mind strolling down classic lane. This weeks is strips from the launch in 1970, only a few years before I started reading this strip regularly.

  6. traceling commented on The Knight Life 9 months ago

    Mystery? No more mysterious than Charlie Schultz penning new strips from the grave…

  7. traceling commented on Doonesbury 11 months ago

    “The “Doonesbury” cartoonist has been on sabbatical this summer as he readies his Washington-based TV series, “Alpha House,” one of the inaugural projects for Amazon Studios. That has meant a season of “Doonesbury Flashbacks” — a.k.a. reruns — on the comics page, with the comic strip’s return originally slated for Labor Day.

    Now, like a Groundhog Day alert, comes new word: “Doonesbury” fans will get 10 more weeks of darkness. Original strips are now scheduled to return on the week of Nov. 18. The weekly color strip returned on Sunday"

  8. traceling commented on Doonesbury 11 months ago


  9. traceling commented on Heart of the City 12 months ago

    Hey Dean, don’t forget to watch American Graffitti…

  10. traceling commented on Bloom County about 1 year ago

    Comics are bigger for me today, too. The strike must have had an impact!! (THIS time around…)