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  1. DrMathochist commented on Cul de Sac almost 6 years ago

    But where are Pozzo and Lucky?

    Seriously, this has to be one of my favorite strips ever. Absolutely floored by the reference.

  2. DrMathochist commented on Non Sequitur over 6 years ago

    I’m a guy. I used to have long hair, like past my waist. I cut it off to a regular men’s cut so I could look for a job. It took my mother over a week to notice anything had changed, and then she had to ask what it was.

    My mother.

    So yeah, enough misandry. And I’m not going to wince like Joe on this one.

  3. DrMathochist commented on The Boondocks over 7 years ago

    They live in Woodcrest, based on Columbia, MD