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  1. Griff commented on Tank McNamara 6 months ago

    It wold speed things up in the womans room!

  2. Griff commented on Tom Toles 6 months ago

    GOP refuses to name person to it so it can operate.

  3. Griff commented on Joe Heller 6 months ago

    All good Christian folk no doubt.

  4. Griff commented on Mike Lester 8 months ago

    Or he did not want to cause a distraction, in case you did not know he is going tomorrow. Is he playing golf today or is that just a lie? Obviously you did not follow Reagan’s advise: VERIFY.

  5. Griff commented on Gary Varvel 9 months ago

    Under “Ike” the top rate was 90%, and the economy was fine. He warned about the Military, Industrial, Congresssional combine wielding undue influence.

  6. Griff commented on Rob Rogers 9 months ago

    Next, the water contamination.

  7. Griff commented on Paul Szep 9 months ago

    It’s “Off Budget” anyway, so doesn’t count in the GOP’s plan tro “balance” it by cutting Social Security spending & tax cuts for the Oligarahy.

  8. Griff commented on Robert Ariail 9 months ago


  9. Griff commented on Clay Bennett 9 months ago


  10. Griff commented on Henry Payne 9 months ago

    First of all it’s “Global Climate Change”, NOT global warming. Read the Pentagon’s report on whats going on for an eye opener. Koch/FOX haven’t bought them yet.