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  1. catchup commented on Frazz about 7 hours ago

    At my workplace it’s the Muslims who all volunteer to do Christmas.

  2. catchup commented on Stone Soup 2 days ago

    My mother always said that love makes you both brave and a terrible coward… Because of the fear you feel for the ones you love. val loves Phil, that’s obvious, but she fears that she can’t cope with losing him, and so she thinks that if she takes control of how she loses him then it won’t hurt so much.
    She needs a bit of love herself right now to give her strength. She’s not being selfish. Evi: give your daughter some comfort! Joan: support your sister! Then Val can support the man she loves!

  3. catchup commented on Stone Soup 13 days ago

    @ken: no, she doesn’t think that Wally drinks and drives… She’s just saying that she’s grateful that it wasn’t Wally involved in an accident.

  4. catchup commented on Stone Soup 17 days ago

    lots of our orthopods are bikers… Actually quite a lot of our anaesthetists and general surgeons are too. motorbikes are quite popular at my hospital.

    I’m a biker too!

    Interesting injuries Phil has… No external fixation on the pelvis; a broken leg that is still plastered full length, so they haven’t pinned or plated it… So what urgent operation did they perform? Something on his head?

    Ok, I’m being a theatre-bore…

    Hope his head injuries are minor. How about a nice bedside wedding?

  5. catchup commented on Stone Soup 20 days ago

    A broken pelvis is, usually, very bad news. It is possible to have a minor and insignificant fracture, but for immediate surgery to be required then we are talking about a very serious injury. The problem is that the pelvis supports a lot of fragile organs which can be terribly damaged by the broken edges of bone.

  6. catchup commented on Stone Soup 20 days ago

    I know this is a comic and not real life BUT if Phil is already in emergency surgery because of his fractured pelvis that means it’s a very serious injury. Possibly of life-changing proportions, and he may yet die from it. He potentially has many exciting internal injuries. I work in trauma. Fingers crossed for a full recovery!

  7. catchup commented on Stone Soup 12 months ago

    Southern African drivers do not stop for baboons (or, indeed, anything else) – and the baboons know it – they get out of the way. More intelligent than most humans crossing the road…

  8. catchup commented on Stone Soup 12 months ago

    Apart from the fact that two tourists driving through South Africa alone… well, let’s just say that’s NOT a good idea… (even South Africans don’t do road trips like that) but why go so far to see elephants? They’re all over the place. In Zimbabwe we saw one in the middle of a town in someone’s back garden – and yes, it was a wild one, and yes, the houseowners were less than thrilled (Shoo! Get off my lawn!)

  9. catchup commented on Stone Soup 12 months ago

    Wild elephants are pretty amazing – we saw them in Zimbabwe… and got trumpted at from VERY close range by an anxious young adult, which was pretty scary as we were in an open-top jeep (admittedly being driven by a gamekeeper who was supposed to know what he was doing). Best thing though was spotting a baby rhino gambolling along with its mother. Yup, something the size of a jeep can gambol…

  10. catchup commented on Stone Soup about 1 year ago

    “Slightly tarnished reputation”??? No **** Sherlock – c’mon, southern Africa may be unbearably beautiful, and the people lovely, but the crime rate is appalling and I for one am not enthusiastic about returning there because of it.