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  1. catchup commented on Skin Horse 2 days ago

    there you go, Pilgrim…meet God and he’s not what you expected. Such is Life, my little friend!

  2. catchup commented on Bloom County 2016 5 days ago

    he has got some clothes on – look closely, there’s the line of his collar and cloth creases just above his behind.

  3. catchup commented on Fowl Language 24 days ago

    Many years ago I bought my friend’s little girl a noisy toy trumpet for Christmas. She grew up to perform in a brass band that wins internationally.

  4. catchup commented on The Norm 4.0 about 1 month ago

    Pity Norm didn’t channel his inner Pete Townshend rather than John Lennon when playing his air Rickenbacker. Then he could have enjoyed leaping around the whole time!

  5. catchup commented on Zen Pencils 3 months ago

    I’m a lucky pup, cos I love my job (I work in a Trauma theatre in an NHS hospital). I spent many years doing a job that I came to hate (ironically enough, being a graphic designer) and no kidding, it corrodes your soul dreading each working day.

  6. catchup commented on Adam@Home 3 months ago

    Surprisingly enough, in my experience in frontline surgical care, the people who express the most distress about needles are generally covered in tattoos and/or piercings. Apparently “that’s different”. Fair enough.

  7. catchup commented on For Better or For Worse 3 months ago

    I know this is a comic strip for entertainment etc, but the somewhat perverted behaviour of the Pattersons has always bothered me. John admits to having peeped at people using a toilet; Michael peeps at teenage girls; Elly’s Brother Phil used to charge his friends to peep on her while dressing. Grandpa Jim spends much of his time leering at very young women and fantasising about group naughties with several young women. John looks at a lot of porn, and he doesn’t deny that some of what he looks at is ‘pretty gross’ when challenged.
    On the other hand, lots of people do behave like this, but usually Lynn pulls up characters when they behave in less than ideal ways, and shows some possible consequences.
    Ok, I’ll go back under my stone now…

  8. catchup commented on Bloom County 2016 4 months ago

    Ji2M: I didn’t mean literally that the EU is feeding the UK, but more how many of the Leave brigade, on getting what they wanted (Nothing To Do With The EU! The UK To Stand Alone!), have nevertheless expressed the sentiment that they expect the EU to continue giving grants and support. Just like young Binkley; let’s be independent of Dad… Oh but yeah, I expect you to continue to provide everything for me.

  9. catchup commented on Bloom County 2016 4 months ago

    HA! Thank you, Mr Breathed, for neatly summing up the whole @@@@ Brexit fiasco.
    May we interest you in our very own Trump-wannabe, B Johnson Esq?

  10. catchup commented on Luann 6 months ago

    OK, I know this is just a comic strip, and I’m very fond of it… But what’s the big deal? Luann is 18 or so, for heaven’s sake! She’s never done things like get a train or whatever without parental supervision? By the time I was 14 I was regularly wandering around London (UK) on my own – including the original and un-cleaned-up Soho – and my husband travelled about Europe on his own at the same age. Still, hooray for Luann for finally managing a few things herself, even if the whole trip was actually organised by someone else.