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  1. BROOKfan commented on Deep Dark Fears 1 day ago

    I had the juice sucked out of both eyes once and then refilled with saline. Google Vitrectomy

  2. BROOKfan commented on Luann 5 days ago

    For Firefox users go to add ons and install Adblock Plus and Ghostery to rid yourself of most of the adds and trackers that clutter up the internet.

  3. BROOKfan commented on Red and Rover 6 days ago

    Almost as bad as I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates you’ve got a brand new key.

  4. BROOKfan commented on Green Humour 22 days ago

    Cutting the tusks of one of the largest elephants in a game preserve to prevent poaching didn’t help it was killed for the stumps.

  5. BROOKfan commented on Get Fuzzy about 1 month ago

    Thy tried to reintroduce Big Horn Sheep to an area here in Arizona and half of the 32 released were killed by Cougars in the first couple of weeks, now they want to cull the Cougars.

  6. BROOKfan commented on Mike du Jour about 1 month ago

    Well this cartoon is going nowhere so goodby everybody.

  7. BROOKfan commented on Speechless about 1 month ago

    The moron has the shovel handle in the poop.

  8. BROOKfan commented on Andy Capp about 1 month ago

    I ran into a buddy that I hadn’t seen in in thirty years and asked him how he was. Not so good he said,I just buried my third wife. I said that was terrible what happened? Well my first wife died from eating poison mushrooms then my second wife died from eating poison mushrooms,my last wife died from a fractured skull. How did that happen I asked. He said she wouldn’t eat her mushrooms.

  9. BROOKfan commented on Fred Basset 2 months ago

    Chevy Camero

  10. BROOKfan commented on Mike du Jour 2 months ago

    With hair like that a fat butt is the least of your worries.