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  1. JudH commented on Alley Oop over 3 years ago

    Ditto the LADDER question. I didn’t see any bones at the bottom—how were they getting other prisoners out?

  2. JudH commented on Alley Oop over 3 years ago

    For all his non-reaction I guess Doowee must encounter a man riding a dino everyday. Me I’d be looking for a change of furs!

  3. JudH commented on One Big Happy over 3 years ago

    I suspect Grandma never intended the cookies to arrive safely but without them the pie wouldn’t have either!

  4. JudH commented on Rose is Rose over 3 years ago

    A classmate in ES had a pet squirrel – raised it from a baby. Then one day it took the tip of her big sisters finger off. Never saw that squirrel again – probably had it for supper :) Born wild always wild

  5. JudH commented on Alley Oop almost 4 years ago

    Speaking of camera…how does “weakened the time-space continuum” account for that odd-looking non-Wonmug camera gadget that was at the Mayan end when Youchi first went thru or have the Benders forgotten that already?

  6. JudH commented on Rose is Rose over 4 years ago

    Hmmm. Just Googled Clem and Wiki seems to be the ONLY place that thinks Clem is a girl—and even Wiki contradicts itself further down in the description of Fanny by saying “Clem gets his selfishness from his mother” HIS. I think his hogging and balloon fights fit a boy better—although the hairdoo is questionable :-)

  7. JudH commented on Annie over 6 years ago

    Re Asp & Punjab…. Memory refresher….


    Yep, they could easily have escaped before the shell hit, not only overboard but who knows what kind of mini-sub was aboard the sub.