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  1. hltrim52 commented on Wallace the Brave 26 minutes ago

    The first candy grubber who comes along will empty that bowl in a hurry. Better to set out boxes of raisins, bowl will still be full when you get back.

  2. hltrim52 commented on Non Sequitur about 1 hour ago

    It’s time for another American Revolution.

  3. hltrim52 commented on Nest Heads about 1 hour ago

    It’s the the red headed brat with a mind of her own who doesn’t miss an opportunity to speak what’s on it.

  4. hltrim52 commented on Gil about 2 hours ago

    Don’t apologize, Gil, keep going with this and REALLY get under her skin.

  5. hltrim52 commented on Fowl Language about 2 hours ago

    Wouldn’t want all that good cake going to waste, now would we?

  6. hltrim52 commented on The Buckets about 2 hours ago

    Always separate darks and lights, but not towels, and I don’t have delicates.

  7. hltrim52 commented on The Born Loser about 2 hours ago

    Because it’s true, you old witch.

  8. hltrim52 commented on Bliss about 2 hours ago

    Why is it even called football? They don’t even play with their feet, although they do run around a lot.

  9. hltrim52 commented on Zack Hill about 20 hours ago

    That’s beyond scary.

  10. hltrim52 commented on On A Claire Day about 20 hours ago

    Obama is barely an American, and is a traitor to boot.