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  1. artsyguy65 commented on Barney & Clyde 7 months ago

    I remember as a kid watching Red Buttons doing his “…never got a dinner” routines on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. Too young to get many of the jokes but knew I was seeing a master at work judging by the ROTFL reactions from fellow comedic giants like Berle, Ceasar, Rickles, etc. Thankfully they are now well represented on youtube for all to see. Check them out again or for the first time, they’re worth it.

  2. artsyguy65 commented on Dick Tracy 7 months ago

    Well color me disappointed that today’s strip isn’t in b&w. After getting a taste, color on this story arc just doesn’t seem right. Remember when Ted Turner colorized “Casablanca”? That was Wrong with a capital “W”, while this just seems like a cool artistic opportunity missed.

  3. artsyguy65 commented on Dick Tracy 7 months ago

    Thanks for posting this for comparison. Now I’m 100% sure that this storyline looks better in b&w. It also helps separate it from the continuity of the color strips. I hop gocomics continues running them this way for the duration of this story arc.

  4. artsyguy65 commented on Dick Tracy 7 months ago

    Hooray — still b&w!! Could it be that we don’t need a petition? Maybe multiple Harvey Awards have given Mike & Joe enough clout to exert complete creative control over how the strip is presented? It’s Tracy Noir…

  5. artsyguy65 commented on Dick Tracy 7 months ago

    Can we start a petition to have ALL the daily strips in glorious b&w?! The 2 times the strip has recently been mistakenly printed sans color proves that they look much better for it. The inking is suberb!!

  6. artsyguy65 commented on Dick Tracy 11 months ago

    Actually that’s a pretty accurate drawing of a Desert Eagle .50 caliber handgun.

  7. artsyguy65 commented on Lio 11 months ago

    I guess that balloon was from the Friends Of Ol’ Marvel fanclub. Haven’t thought of them since the 70s…

  8. artsyguy65 commented on Barney & Clyde 11 months ago

    Will that pork be temped with an iambic thermometer?

  9. artsyguy65 commented on Dick Tracy about 1 year ago

    “The Billion Dollar Limited” was one of the classic Superman cartoons by the Fleischer Bros. in the 1940s. They were a primary influence on the look and tone of the Bruce Timm Batman cartoons from the 1990s. But don’t take my word for how great they are, go to that tube video site and see for yourself.

  10. artsyguy65 commented on The Martian Confederacy almost 2 years ago

    Normally I would agree. But l believe that here we’re reading a page a day from a graphic novel. So for example, what unfolds on GoComics over four days would have originally been revealed on two sets of facing pages in book form. The fault lies in the awkward translation to a different medium, not with the author’s original pacing.