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  1. bob875m commented on Frank & Ernest almost 5 years ago

    I wish more places would do that!

  2. bob875m commented on Mike Luckovich about 5 years ago

    In 2013, he can be like this all the time, and we can get on with restoring America to it’s former glory.

  3. bob875m commented on Tom Toles about 5 years ago

    With a good running mate like Newt, he would be far better than most others, and certainly an improvement over the status quo.

  4. bob875m commented on Tony Auth about 5 years ago

    At least he had the guts to speak the truth about that abomination in the white house. The world will be so much better off when we throw him out in November.

  5. bob875m commented on Kevin Kallaugher over 5 years ago

    Well, he’ll be a lame duck come November and gone in January.

  6. bob875m commented on Pat Oliphant over 5 years ago

    Thank God he is making himself a one-term president, even though that was one term too many!

  7. bob875m commented on Lisa Benson over 5 years ago

    Its about time. Unions were a good thing back in the 20’s, but now they are just a bunch of greedy mafia thugs.

  8. bob875m commented on Mike Luckovich over 5 years ago

    Newt is a very intelligent man. He may not be the best choice in ‘12, but he would be a far superior president to the left-wing socialist in there now.

  9. bob875m commented on Gary Markstein over 5 years ago

    It would be great if every state did this! Bill Ewing is right.

  10. bob875m commented on Tom Toles over 5 years ago

    He would be a far better choice for America than the far left-wing socialist the liberals elected last time.