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  1. dukedoug commented on Wizard of Id Classics about 3 hours ago

    Neither do rotten grapes (generally).

  2. dukedoug commented on Wizard of Id about 3 hours ago

    I’m sure Gwen would prefer that.

  3. dukedoug commented on Shoe about 3 hours ago

    My Secondary school waited 40 years to organise a reunion for our year. There had been a fire at the school which destroyed most of the records so they had trouble tracking us down.

  4. dukedoug commented on Monty about 3 hours ago

    Just stay there Sedgie … We don’t need to see you in a fifth panel !!

  5. dukedoug commented on Heart of the City about 3 hours ago

    I assume he watched the extended versions AND all the extras …

  6. dukedoug commented on Get Fuzzy about 3 hours ago

    The acquirer needs to perceive value in the deal.

  7. dukedoug commented on B.C. about 4 hours ago

    And an oboe is an ill woodwind that nobody blows good.

  8. dukedoug commented on Get Fuzzy about 16 hours ago


  9. dukedoug commented on Calvin and Hobbes 1 day ago

    Bali Hai … yes, hence the reference. Also “There is nothin’ like a dame”, “I’m gonna’ wash that man right outa’ my hair” etc. etc. …

    My parents were right into the shows of the era and my daughter now performs in amateur theatre – including musicals. (I’m a bit of an old thespian myself …).

  10. dukedoug commented on Ziggy 1 day ago

    What if he wants to date a girl, not a computer ?