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  1. tqnis commented on Ben 2 months ago

    Careful, Ben. She is up to something!
    Like tricking you into excercise. ;)

  2. tqnis commented on Pickles 3 months ago

    I like it, that means doctors are almost certainly against it.

  3. tqnis commented on Big Nate 4 months ago

    Well, being persistent enough may mean that there will not be enough time for quiz.

  4. tqnis commented on Big Nate 4 months ago

    Well… depends. As a matter of fact, it is quite possible to write excellent book report about kiddie book. You could compare it with other books, describe its educational value, analyze used vocabulary and grammar and how it is suitable for 1-st graders. Problem is, it is not a thing Nate would do.

  5. tqnis commented on Baldo 5 months ago

    Well, it is all up to mindset. Maybe they ought to be thankful that cops did what needed to stop robbery?

  6. tqnis commented on FoxTrot Classics 5 months ago

    good geek humor
    but what is HUT?

  7. tqnis commented on Calvin and Hobbes 5 months ago

    Well, it is definitely worth it. And Calvin is so deep in trouble anyway so he should take most of it. Anyway, there is chance of getting rid of Roz once and for all.

  8. tqnis commented on Calvin and Hobbes 5 months ago

    He most probably regained his youth after escape.

  9. tqnis commented on For Better or For Worse 8 months ago

    Sleeping on air mattress is fun!

  10. tqnis commented on Ben 9 months ago

    For a god’s sake, woman, calm down. It was 50 years ago.