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  1. tqnis commented on Francis 20 days ago

    Among Holy, capitalism would be unthinkable. But for us, sinners… We need someone with sword among us.

  2. tqnis commented on Baldo 23 days ago

    That’s the life.
    At 6 it is crystal clear, that teachers are smarter than you.
    At 16 it seems stupid idea.
    At 26 you understand that they are.
    And at 36 you realize, that actually, they are not.

  3. tqnis commented on Stone Soup 26 days ago

    Sounds like plan. Phil once a week, Val once, both girls once a week (yes, they can, maybe bit easier meals). That takes care of four workday meals, add one home delivery or eating out and you have covered all but weekend. Weekends are different anyway and more case by case basis.

  4. tqnis commented on Baldo 4 months ago

    And way better than regular gift card.

  5. tqnis commented on Calvin and Hobbes 4 months ago

    15 minutes a day? Sounds correct. Well done, Calvin!

  6. tqnis commented on Adam@Home 5 months ago

    I guess it is worth of try. As an alternative. Maybe they like it?

  7. tqnis commented on Big Nate 5 months ago

    Well, Mrs. Godfrey has given him good marks for comics…

    It is actually hard task for teacher. How to encourage students creativity and at the same time make them learn subject?
    I guess she might read Nate’s work carefully and give some pointers, how better knowledge about civil war could make this story better.

  8. tqnis commented on FoxTrot Classics 6 months ago

    And after that they wonder, why their teenager sons do not talk with them…

  9. tqnis commented on Stone Soup 6 months ago

    Actually, this is good. If you manage to pass only listening in class, then at least you are able and have habit to listen in class. Good habit. You do not need to waste your time to things you are not interested about and still pass on acceptable level just doing minimal unavoidable work.
    And even better, if you want to (and you, not your teacher or mother) you can do extra work. You know how to do it and you can do it, since your other, less important subjects will take minimal required time.

  10. tqnis commented on Ben 9 months ago

    Careful, Ben. She is up to something!
    Like tricking you into excercise. ;)