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  1. Jase99 GoComics Pro Member commented on Michael Ramirez about 16 hours ago

    “Hillary makes it much to easy to have a reason to bash her.”

    And the Republicans would prefer to bash Hillary over taking a good hard look at their own candidates.

  2. Jase99 GoComics Pro Member commented on Ted Rall about 16 hours ago

    “She is NOT (I repeat NOT) the lesser of two evils. Ted’s comic is eerily accurate. She is no longer a person who can represent anyone who isn’t rich or highly influential.”

    I stand by my post. Looking at the current group of Republican candidates, Hillary is the best of a bad bunch. She is currently a lessor of two evils. That is by no means praise. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

    Name me a Republican candidate who would be a step up from Hillary and why.

  3. Jase99 GoComics Pro Member commented on Jerry Holbert about 16 hours ago

    Surely you mean descended by a common primate ancestor also shared by monkeys.

  4. Jase99 GoComics Pro Member commented on Stuart Carlson about 16 hours ago

    “If we had admitted back then that we knew what the public knows today…”

  5. Jase99 GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson about 17 hours ago

    “If Adolf Hitler were the Democratic front runner right now, the Dems would overlook everything he did as ‘not actionable.’”

    Cut the bull sh-t. Once the Dems finally accepted and championed Civil Rights back in the 60s, they stood against everything that Hitler stood for. He was even more right-wing than the KKK.

  6. Jase99 GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson about 17 hours ago

    “I hope we set the bar alittle higher, don’t you?”

    I have not been shy about my refusal to vote for Hillary. I’ve stated on many an occasion here on the GoComics fora that will vote 3rd party if Hillary receives the nomination. So yes, I hope we set the bar a lot higher. That said, she’s still less sleazy than the current group of Republicans. My contention is that conservative cartoonists focus on Hillary while ignoring that their own candidates are worse.

  7. Jase99 GoComics Pro Member commented on Nick Anderson about 17 hours ago

    ISIS did not exist when Obama got in office.”

    They were formed out of insurgents that existed because Bush deposed Saddam based on lies.

  8. Jase99 GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles about 23 hours ago

    Guns? Hell, Obama is sending the US military to invade your state!!!! You know, despite the fact that the US military already has multiple bases in your state.

  9. Jase99 GoComics Pro Member commented on Ted Rall about 23 hours ago

    Hillary is at best a lessor of two evils when compared to the current crop of Republican candidates. The fact that Democrats aren’t considering anyone less sleazy and corporatist than Hillary makes me loose yet more respect for them. If the Dems can find me someone actually liberal with both a spine and sense of propriety, and I’ll vote for them. Hillary’s 0 out of 3 in that list.

  10. Jase99 GoComics Pro Member commented on Clay Jones about 23 hours ago

    Wow, there are some people who cannot remember the history of the US’ involvement in Iraq. It was the Bush Administration that pushed for an invasion based on a bunch of lies. It was during the Bush Administration that the Army failed to secure Iraqi weapon depots until after they were already looted. It was the Bush Administration that disbanded the Iraqi Army, which put all those soldiers who could have kept order out of work. Many of those soldiers later joined the insurgents that later became ISIS. It was the Bush Administration who installed the new ineffectual and corrupt Iraqi government that still relies on the US for protection 14 years later. It was Bush who created the time table for the US military’s withdraw. It was the Iraqi leader that Bush installed that told Obama to withdraw US troops. None of that history goes away just because Obama was handed the keys to a never ending quagmire.

    I keep hearing conservatives say that we were “winning” until Obama pulled out troops based on Bush’s timetable and at the Iraqi government’s request. The truth is that if we were only “winning” because of continued US military presence, we weren’t actually winning. The same thing would have happened regardless of which President withdrew troops however many years down the line. The Iraqi government and its military would have never stood on its own because it used the US military as its crutch.