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  1. ajlcary commented on Non Sequitur over 3 years ago

    Donald Trump started in his family company, his first project was a $5.7M development when he was still in college.

  2. ajlcary commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    The US government officially adopted the metric system in 1875, in 1893, in 1960, in 1975, in 1989, and once again in 1991.

    The citizenry of the US ignored the adoption of the metric system in 1875, 1893, 1960, 1975, in 1989 and once again in 1991. Except of course to complain about dual unit highway signage in national parks.


  3. ajlcary commented on Candorville about 4 years ago

    I live in the SF Bay area – we have no cable and have over 60 on air channels- at least 20 HDTV channels and around 10 PBS channels. Who needs cable…. Either Hulu it or wait a year and watch the DVD from the library or netflix….

  4. ajlcary commented on For Better or For Worse over 4 years ago

    Yes. NHS is the UK’s health care system.

    BTWFBFW is in Canada – which also has national health (by each province)
    It is my understanding that neither Canada or the USA provide adult dental care through their various government health programs. If you don’t have private insurance through your employer or union, you are out of pocket.

  5. ajlcary commented on Doonesbury almost 5 years ago

    Never confuse entertainment with content. Fox sells fear and fantasy to sell advertising time.

  6. ajlcary commented on Candorville almost 5 years ago

    Maurice (Samantha’s father) was played by Maurice Evans.

  7. ajlcary commented on Brewster Rockit about 5 years ago

    101 0010
    100 1111
    101 0100
    100 0110
    100 1100

  8. ajlcary commented on Candorville over 5 years ago

    Somewhere Tom Stoppard is saying “tails”….

  9. ajlcary commented on Brewster Rockit over 5 years ago

    Polaris is currently our pole star.

    Pole stars change over time as the earth wobbles slowly on it’s axis. The earths axis ’ precesses’ through a 27 degree arc the sky about every 27,000 years.

    Past pole stars have been Beta Ursae Minoris from 1500 BC to 500 AD and Thuban around 2500 BC. The next pole star (around 3000 AD) will be Gamma Cephei.

    A Greek astronomer named Hipparchus wrote about this process around before 120 BC.

  10. ajlcary commented on Barkeater Lake over 7 years ago

    At least it is hard to mistake Banks…

    I was actually on a ski mountaineering trip once when the missing guy we were all set up to go rescue volunteered for his own rescue.party. Someone finally told him who they were rescuing and all he said “I don’t think Jim needs rescuing, I’m Jim…” . He had come back to camp during the hullaballoo and no one had figured out he was back…