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  1. Vri3 commented on Stuart Carlson over 7 years ago

    The banks and the auto industry deserve hundred billion dollar tax-payer bailouts –much more than private citizens deserve universal access to health care. They have been such good corporate citizens! Even the Democrats understand that!

  2. Vri3 commented on Chris Britt over 7 years ago

    Choose life –and choose to promote a world and social conditions in which new life is nourished and welcomed.

    At what point exactly, once out of the womb, dose the sanctity of life cease to be operative? When does “Thou shalt not kill” become “Kill!”?

  3. Vri3 commented on Steve Breen over 7 years ago

    That’s what the world needs –gotta keep making those cars! If the private sector can’t do it on its own the government has to step in to help guzzle gas and pollute the planet. After all they’ve already invested all that money invading Iraq.

    Why not nationalize the industry provide jobs for the workers building mass transit or something?