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9 Chickweed Lane by Brooke McEldowney

9 Chickweed Lane

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  1. ckham commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 3 months ago

    Well, how about that? They did publish this one! I guess the folks at GoComics weren’t as stodgy as I thought they were.

  2. ckham commented on Brewster Rockit 4 months ago

    Eh, leaves nothing to the imagination.

  3. ckham commented on Wrong Hands 4 months ago

    Yep, that just about sums it up.

  4. ckham commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 4 months ago

    “Endless days, endless nights….”

    Sounds like a Bee Gees song I heard once…

  5. ckham commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 4 months ago

    Indeed, I do not think it would pass the stodgy censors at GoComics. Thanks for the math lesson, though!

  6. ckham commented on Kliban 4 months ago

    An ancient look at fast food?

  7. ckham commented on The Adventures of Business Cat 4 months ago

    Probably better he was scratching on him than on her.

  8. ckham commented on Kliban 5 months ago

    Have your lawyers contact my lawyers.

  9. ckham commented on Kliban's Cats 5 months ago

    Utilizing the “hibachi”… Hibachicano? Volbachi?

  10. ckham commented on Kliban 5 months ago

    Old jargon, yes, but still used occasionally by pilots today.