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  1. chahn48926 commented on Red Meat 2 months ago

    After 5 months it should be removed …..

  2. chahn48926 commented on Biographic 11 months ago

    I learned something startling this year when my son took Spanish. Guess what Tonto means in Spanish ……

    Look it up

  3. chahn48926 commented on Minimum Security 12 months ago

    Nice of them to remember a communist holiday

  4. chahn48926 commented on Nancy about 1 year ago

    I have seen houses and barns like that …

  5. chahn48926 commented on The Knight Life about 1 year ago

    It is intentional. They are working on the mystery driver concept.

  6. chahn48926 commented on Working Daze over 1 year ago

    I was going to say Rita had more of an Aunt Fritzi look ….. Not complaining

  7. chahn48926 commented on Candorville about 2 years ago

    try 38% of income from abortions. PP didn’t become the nations largest provider of abortions by handing out condoms

  8. chahn48926 commented on Unstrange Phenomena over 2 years ago

    Union contract says you have to pay the guy who cleans the bathroom $25/hour for a 10 hour day, even when it only takes him an hour. Then if you close the plant, you have to pay the union employees for 2 years or until you can reemploy them at another plant. And if the new plant is more than 50 miles away, they can decline the job and you still have to pay them.

    Then lets throw unrealistic environmental regulations on plants so that they can’t compete with overseas plants and you blame the GOP? maybe you should ask the job-killer-in-chief what his plan is.

  9. chahn48926 commented on The City over 2 years ago

    Proof Please




    Perhaps you are thinking about Ed Shultz’s One Nation Rally




  10. chahn48926 commented on The City over 2 years ago

    Citations really don’t matter. Liberals wouldn’t believe the truth if it hit them in the head.

    Here is 2 on ACORN and OWS



    OCS and the homeless




    The George Soros Connection