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    I saw Gravity twice and didn’t have any trouble understanding the ending either time. Pretty cut and dried, I thought.

  3. Evan2061 commented on Rose is Rose 9 months ago

    Sounds like we have the same cats, Kim. Mine have taken to sleeping in the laundry basket.

  4. Evan2061 commented on Dick Tracy over 1 year ago

    Toad’s a southpaw.

  5. Evan2061 commented on FoxTrot Classics almost 2 years ago

    Put some Windex on the pimple; a la “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

  6. Evan2061 commented on Doonesbury almost 2 years ago

    For the whole story that I took the above quote from, click here. http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2012/11/rubio_and_obama_and_the_age_of_earth_politicians_hedge_about_whether_universe.html

  7. Evan2061 commented on Doonesbury almost 2 years ago

    In the spirit of equal time, Barak Obama said on April 13, 2008:

    Q: Senator, if one of your daughters asked you—and maybe they already have—“Daddy, did god really create the world in 6 days?,” what would you say?

    A: What I’ve said to them is that I believe that God created the universe and that the six days in the Bible may not be six days as we understand it … it may not be 24-hour days, and that’s what I believe. I know there’s always a debate between those who read the Bible literally and those who don’t, and I think it’s a legitimate debate within the Christian community of which I’m a part. My belief is that the story that the Bible tells about God creating this magnificent Earth on which we live—that is essentially true, that is fundamentally true. Now, whether it happened exactly as we might understand it reading the text of the Bible: That, I don’t presume to know.

    This is me again. It’s not really about science and what is known about the age of the earth, nor is it about religion and how long those 6 days really were, in earth creation time. It’s about politicians answering science and religion questions politically. How can we expect any more than that from ANY politician?

  8. Evan2061 commented on Calvin and Hobbes almost 2 years ago

    @ Indyman. How do I know this? I was a big C & H aficionado, back in the day. I recall this story arc, but I’m not one to post spoilers. So far, no one has guessed correctly, though. btw, the 2061 is an homage to Arthur C Clarke.

    @ Cult; uh, have I even READ what???

  9. Evan2061 commented on Calvin and Hobbes almost 2 years ago

    Nope, sorry. It isn’t Hobbes. The true identity is funny, but the message to be received is hilarious. Stay tuned…

  10. Evan2061 commented on Rose is Rose almost 2 years ago

    rare these days, to be happy with your final election choice. I usually have to hold my nose when I vote. Today will be no different.