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  1. RR208 commented on Pat Oliphant 19 days ago

    @Darsan54: excellent comment.

  2. RR208 commented on Ted Rall 29 days ago

    Medical collections are part of this problem.
    The hospital-doctor-insurance maze seems to lead straight to collections.

  3. RR208 commented on Jen Sorensen about 1 month ago

    In Colorado compromise has failed.
    Voter initiatives will be on the ballot which will result much stricter limitations.
    They are likely to pass.

  4. RR208 commented on Gary Varvel about 1 month ago

    Legalization is here to stay.
    But it does bring more abuse by those under 18.
    Strange to hear the denial as the abuse of THC and alcohol both become a life long problem for a significant percent of the population.

  5. RR208 commented on Phil Hands about 1 month ago

    The founding fathers had many deep faults also, including dramatic personal arguments.
    The lesson from history is great things happen when we reach compromise forged out of the fire of debate.

  6. RR208 commented on Signe Wilkinson 3 months ago

    4 weeks of mandatory testing this year; perhaps it is time to have time to teach.
    Nope. The first two days of the next school year are devoted to mandatory testing. We want to show growth.

  7. RR208 commented on Boomerangs 5 months ago

    Walk the connected path with guidance, don’t try to make the path go away, because you can’t.

  8. RR208 commented on FoxTrot 5 months ago

    Kids watch the show at another house.
    You cancel library cards, or restrict them.
    But better to have discussions and consequences.

  9. RR208 commented on Robert Ariail 10 months ago

    Either Republican or Democrat there is a disconnect between what people on the ground report as truth and what elected officials want to hear and believe.
    A rough time to be in the State Dept.

  10. RR208 commented on FoxTrot 10 months ago

    A classic. Well done Mr. Amend.