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  1. Bluejayz commented on Bob Gorrell about 5 years ago

    All of the no-brain comments about Obama asking for a blank check are stupid and dishonest. Raising the debt ceiling does not permit the President to spend even one dollar more than Congress authorizes. It is CONGRESS’ job to pass a national budget EACH AND EVERY YEAR. The Congressional budget dictates the spending limits, and the only power the President has is to approve or veto the budget. He’s just a lobbyist trying to get Congress to do their job.

  2. Bluejayz commented on Chris Britt about 5 years ago

    Boehner got just 4 votes more than a bare minimum in the heavily Republican House. And now he’s calling it a great victory for “common sense” and a mandate for the Senate to knuckle under and do the Tea Party’s bidding. Clay is in no danger of losing his title as the “Great Compromiser”.

    The TeaPublicans whine that Obama has no plan, but their only plan is to destroy Social Security and Medicare or force the country into bankruptcy.

  3. Bluejayz commented on Marshall Ramsey over 5 years ago

    The situation at NASA is symbolic of the malaise encompassing the entire country. We had a first-in-class program that aspired to and accomplished unheard of marvels of science and engineering. But due to mismanagement , lack of leadership and a Chicken Little view of the economy, the program has ended with no real plan for the future. From first-in-class innovators, we’re now reduced to hitching a ride with Russia or China.

  4. Bluejayz commented on ViewsBusiness over 5 years ago

    Watch the thumb, buddy.

  5. Bluejayz commented on Jeff Danziger over 5 years ago

    aka: Fox “fair and balanced” reporters.

  6. Bluejayz commented on Jeff Danziger over 5 years ago

    AKA Fox “Fair and balanced” reporters.

  7. Bluejayz commented on Marshall Ramsey over 5 years ago

    Do you guys see a problem with the dialog here when a cartoon about people helping other people in times of natural disaster turns into partisan rants complaining about right vs left scatalogical ideologies. Sheesh!!! You guys need some help.

  8. Bluejayz commented on Ted Rall over 5 years ago

    Back to the ‘toon: I think Rall’s depiction of Obama holding up Bin Laden’s waterlogged head is pretty disgusting. I’m glad that Bin Laden was taken out, but Obama has more class than to make it into a political theatrical display.

  9. Bluejayz commented on Gary Varvel over 5 years ago

    Disgusted – I’m curious how your statement “God’s gift of Trust in His help in any disaster…..” plays out for the people of Japan or Indonesia who have never heard of your Jesus and have no knowledge of your God. Is their resolve to keep on living and to rebuild their lives just animal instinct? Or is it possible that your beliefs are not the only truth?

  10. Bluejayz commented on ViewsAmerica over 5 years ago

    I (gasp!) agree with Churchill on this one. The average schmuck can’t keep his pants up, either, but he doesn’t have the paparazzi hiding in the bushes everytime he plays grab-a$$ with a barwench. (Most of us don’t have maids.)